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About Eyes recovery PRO FREE

The Eyes recovery PRO * FREE application is an extended version of program. Added more exercises to relax your eyes and view SIRDS images. Added settings for managing reminders.
Exercises for relaxing eyes and restoring vision.
Tired eyes? Take a few minutes to exercise a day to restore vision after a hard day's work.
Try the free PRO version of the program (more exercises)
 After the first exercises, you will feel how your vision becomes clearer, and fatigue leaves your eyes.
A few simple exercises for the eyes that you can perform in the office in between work breaks or even on the way home (of course if you are not behind the wheel). The program contains the 6 most effective exercises, the total duration of the program is not more than 5 minutes.
Doing exercises is very easy - just repeat behind the eye on the screen and focus on the sound signals.
In the app there is advertising. To remove advertising, get the full version of the application.

* For any discomfort during exercise or any contraindications, we recommend to refrain from training and consult a specialist

Very Good! Thanks for my Health
beo meo
Best app I think dont know about fixing eyes but their cleanness in the vision and still don't understand about 3D image one what to do in that is it something do we have to find something or what???? But st...
VirtualGaming Maxx
I feel my power is reducing and I would highly recommend this app for anyone who wants to get rid of their glasses
Purnima Dadhwal