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Taking away 3 minutes of your time!
SMASH LEGENDS is a thrilling real-time brawl that lasts for 3 minutes!
SMASH away players from all around the world with unique LEGENDS!

SMASH Must Go On!

* SMASH with simple controls!
This game is easy to learn, but hard to master!
Everyone can enjoy this game, but remember that not everyone can become the winner!
If you enjoy simple fast-paced action games, join SMASH LEGENDS now!

* SMASH with epic knock outs!
Knock off enemies from the arenas set in floating islands to achieve victory!
Enemies are more likely to get knocked out when their HP is low.

* SMASH across variety of game modes and maps!
Take your pick! From 3 vs. 3 team battles, to 1 vs. 1 duel and even Battle Royale survival modes!
Jump right into the action packed fairy tale fantasies!

- Dominion (3 vs. 3): Capture and hold an area with your teammates to achieve victory.
- Team Deathmatch (3 vs. 3): A team competition to the death.
- Battle Royale (8 Player FFA): Only 1 final player will survive in this 8 player free-for-all mode.
- Harvest (4 Player FFA): Player who harvests the most fruits by destroying Mandrakes win.
- Duel (1 vs. 1): A duel where only your controls and skills count.
(* Game modes will continuously be updated)

* SMASH with unique characters!
Hidden stories! Unique skills! Incredible actions!
Obtain the charming characters of SMASH LEGENDS and upgrade them!

* SMASH against players from all around the world!
Join the lively brawl action against players from around the world!
Claim your victory and aim for the top of the World / Regional rankings!

SMASH LEGENDS is free-to-play, with in-game purchases.

Are you enjoying SMASH LEGENDS? Learn more about the game right now!
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


SMASH LEGENDS is a real-time brawl game that lasts for 3 minutes, where players from all around the world can compete against each other using unique legends.

Is SMASH LEGENDS easy to play?

Yes, SMASH LEGENDS has simple controls that are easy to learn, but it is hard to master. Anyone can enjoy the game, but not everyone can become a winner.

What are the different game modes in SMASH LEGENDS?

SMASH LEGENDS offers a variety of game modes, including Dominion (3 vs. 3), Team Deathmatch (3 vs. 3), Battle Royale (8 Player FFA), Harvest (4 Player FFA), and Duel (1 vs. 1).

How can I upgrade my characters in SMASH LEGENDS?

To upgrade your characters in SMASH LEGENDS, you need to obtain them first. Each character has unique skills and actions that you can upgrade as you progress in the game.

Is SMASH LEGENDS free-to-play?

Yes, SMASH LEGENDS is free-to-play, but it also offers in-game purchases.

Where can I learn more about SMASH LEGENDS?

You can learn more about SMASH LEGENDS by visiting their website, Facebook page, Discord server, Twitter page, or YouTube channel.