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About Superpower Squad

Superpower Squad - The One is not only an epic PvP MOBA, but also a new category of mobile game that perfectly combines Shooting and Casual RPG.Diversified multiplayer competition, challenge yourself in multiple different game modes.

A strong sense of strike and operation, the map supports physical destruction, and a variety of tactical use methods.

Choose heroes with unique fighting skills and talents to participate in the competition, superb fighting skills and reasonable use of tactics in the game will make you laugh last!

Now pick up your favorite weapon and join this exciting and addictive epic game!

The game uses a bird's-eye view, but that doesn't mean you can see all the risk factors in the area. You still have to watch out for the strike of enemies hiding behind walls, grass and shadows around you. On the other hand, you can also use the bunker in the environment to ambush, which will be very interesting! All environmental factors can also be destroyed, such as flamethrowers can burn grass to destroy these bunkers, find the enemy and get them!

Please note that these settings are not absolute and will have no effect if you burn grass when it rains! Free but reasonable! You will find it interesting, but it is not easy to win.

A variety of competitive modes to meet the different preferences of players:

Regular PVP battle royale- classic battle royale mode. exiled to an isolated land along with 11 other players. search for energy to strengthen yourself, and used strategies to beat all other players to win.

Gem battle - in this mode, Form a group of 5 players and battle with others,Which team gets more Gems within the specified time will win!

In the future, we will launch more interesting modes to make Superpower Squad-The One to be the best of Battle Royale Mobile Games. Please download now and support us. Definitely make your free time extremely exciting and interesting!

Game features.
Real-time and fast-paced multiplayer Battle Royale Mobile Games, exciting and interesting survival challenge.
High degree of freedom, all environmental factors can be destroyed.
Launch in many regions of the world, competing for a duel with players from all over the world.
A variety of game modes meet the needs of all players.
50+ heroic characters with unique skills are waiting for you to collect and cultivate.
Unique operation display system, horizontal or vertical operation can be switched according to the habit.

Contact Us

The current version does not represent the final quality of the game, as we will keep optimizing existing content and adding new features. If you enjoyed the game, please join the discussion on Facebook.

Superpower Squad Facebook Page:

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First time playing this game.i hope you keep making new content because it's so fun.please add new heroes,mode,skin and I give it 5star cause I don't want this games to fall.nice job dev
Muhd Haikal
ilove this game because im angry this hahhaah
Bayan mulod
I'm gonna I'm gonna. A super fun app lucky shadow.
Maria M
I didn't star to play but I have already crypto....?
f q
best game
Increadle games
Terence Limas