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About FOG - Battle Royale

Become a Battle Royale epic hero. Stay alive! Stand the battlefront. FOG calls for action!

FOG is a brand new dark fantasy MMORPG mobile game. FOG is the best from MOBA (MOBA - a multiplayer online battle arena) features, immersive RPG (role-playing game) gameplay jam-packed in a delicious fantasy ambience.

Can you survive the battleground for the trending game genre

FOG is a trending game genre (Battle Royale) new take. This adventure game is set in the dark fantasy world. Join millions of fans playing the best online games worldwide. This time you have to survive in the world of magic.
The battleground location is a magical fantasy world covered in deadly fog. To stay alive and stand the battlefront you have to upgrade your skills, clash all the enemies, and stay away from the fog.
Don’t forget to win all the trophies and make your way to the top of the Battle Royale global leaderboard.
Last but not least the multiplayer battle arena with 30 players awaits you. FOG calls for action!

Survive in fast pvp battles

Are you ready for the challenge? Action battles with 30 players await you. Arena offers you fast and dynamic battles. Take part in as many as you can. You don't want to get down by the deadly fog. So get gear, track down enemies. You can also hide from the players. Whatever your strategy tells you. Your ultimate battle royale goal is to survive! Fight the last war - against the fog.
FOG will give you complete game immersion! Prepare for the age of magic!

Middle Ages in all their glory and splendour

FOG is Battle Royale set in the Middle Ages. Choose any medieval weapon from the most exciting era in history. Pick a bow, a sword, or a spear. Meet the rules of survival. Something is still missing. The magic you bet. FOG has you served! Monsters and creatures block your way. Magic potions help you survive the fog that brings death and destruction.
Enter the game every day. Join the league or create your own to get more rewards. Follow the Honor Track. Win the battles. Gain honor. Claim rewards. Get more loot from crates. Start with the Bronze Crate and move to the Nuclear Crate. The more you play the more you get.
Pick your equipment. Master your skills. Boost your journey with extra resources packs.
Travel through the era of knights and mages, mystery, and adventure. Get ready to dig deep into the world with magic laws. Don’t forget about turn-based battles. Pick your favorite role-playing game element!
Mysterious places, magical artifacts, epic bosses are there for you. And you always dreamed of domination? Bust down all your enemies in the PvP Arena!

Adventures are waiting for you!
Are you ready? See you at FOG!

Attention: the game is in the open beta testing stage and is undergoing a continuous update and upgrade!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is FOG - Battle Royale?

FOG - Battle Royale is a brand new dark fantasy MMORPG mobile game that combines elements of MOBA and RPG gameplay in a fantasy setting.

What is the objective of the game?

The objective of the game is to survive in a battleground filled with deadly fog and enemies, upgrade your skills, and climb the Battle Royale global leaderboard.

How many players can participate in a battle?

Each battle can accommodate up to 30 players.

What kind of battles can I expect?

You can expect fast and dynamic PvP battles with other players, where you must outlast the deadly fog and defeat your enemies.

What time period does FOG - Battle Royale take place in?

FOG - Battle Royale is set in the Middle Ages, allowing players to choose from various medieval weapons and experience the glory and splendor of that era.

Are there any magical elements in the game?

Yes, FOG incorporates magic into its gameplay, with magic potions to help you survive the deadly fog and encounters with monsters and creatures.

Are there any rewards or achievements in the game?

Yes, players can join leagues, win battles, gain honor, and claim rewards. There are also loot crates that contain various items, with better crates being unlocked as you progress in the game.

Are there turn-based battles in the game?

Yes, FOG - Battle Royale features turn-based battles, allowing players to strategically choose their actions and engage in role-playing game elements.

What can I expect in terms of locations and challenges?

FOG offers mysterious places, magical artifacts, and epic bosses for players to encounter. Additionally, there is a PvP Arena where you can challenge and defeat your enemies.

Is the game still being developed?

Yes, FOG - Battle Royale is currently in open beta testing and undergoing continuous updates and upgrades.