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About Rumble Arena - Super Smash Legends


Rumble Arena is the first multiplayer brawling game for mobile; brawl with your friends and smash your opponent off the battleground to become a true legend.

Rumble Arena is a brawling game with players from all over the world. Join the fight on one of our 5 servers around the globe. Matches are fair and fluent thanks to advanced hit detection and input syncing!

Dive into battle with one of our heroes! All heroes have their own unique attacks and special moves and represent different corners of the galaxy!

Up to 8 heroes can duke it out in the arena. Survive the chaotic brawl by using acrobatic manoeuvres and surprise your opponent with amazing attack combo’s to become the last hero standing.

~ 🏛️ EPIC ARENAS 🏛️ ~
Brawl in several arenas and all with a different layout. Chaotic small or immensely big, all empower a different fighting style.

The game features controller support and in-game controller mapping support! 

~ 🏋️ Training mode 🏋️ ~
Explore every attack in the “Training” mode and hone your skills to dominate in the multiplayer mode.

1. 🥊 Multiplayer matches
2. 🏅Ranked matches
3. 💂Team battles
4. 🧞‍♂️ Nine unique heroes with unique attacks and moves
5. 🏛️ Four epic arenas with different layout
6. 🏋️ Training mode
7. 🎮 Controller support & in-game mapping
8. 👁 Spectator mode; up to 16 spectators

1. 🧙More characters and battlegrounds

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Rumble Arena?

Rumble Arena is a multiplayer brawling game for mobile where players can engage in battles against real players and try to knock their opponents off the battleground to become a legend.

Can I play against players from around the world?

Yes, Rumble Arena allows you to join battles with players from all over the world through its five servers located globally.

What makes Rumble Arena unique?

Rumble Arena offers unique heroes with their own special attacks and moves, representing different parts of the galaxy. It also features dynamic fights with up to 8 heroes in the arena and various epic arenas with different layouts.

Does Rumble Arena support controllers?

Yes, the game supports controllers and even has in-game controller mapping support.

Is there a training mode in Rumble Arena?

Yes, Rumble Arena provides a training mode where players can explore and practice every attack to improve their skills for multiplayer battles.

What are the key features of Rumble Arena?

The key features of Rumble Arena include multiplayer matches, ranked matches, team battles, nine unique heroes with unique attacks and moves, four epic arenas with different layouts, training mode, controller support with in-game mapping, and spectator mode with up to 16 spectators.

Are there any upcoming features for Rumble Arena?

Yes, Rumble Arena has upcoming features planned, including more characters and battlegrounds to enhance the gaming experience.
This game is fun it made like super smash bros
Gtex Troll
I win
Hana Franks
This Game is ok
Aiman Farhan
Best game ever
Byron Williams
Best fighting game I've played on the phone. Graphics? Could be better, but could be improved. Same for slight glitches and small things like that. The core? Absolutely fantastic, it feels fluid and dynamic....
Doubtful Tunic
The fighting is so cool
Jakoby Rodgers