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About Hoop League Tactics

Hoop League Tactics is a fresh new take on the sports management simulation genre. Take control of your basketball team and lead them to victory in turn-based tactical action. Manage your players between games by upgrading their skills and scouting for the next prospect to join your squad. Whether you'd rather control every action or watch from the sidelines, how you decide to play the game is entirely up to you!


- Turn based tactical gameplay featuring three pointers, dunks, blocks, steals, and more.

- Create and fully customize multiple basketball leagues by changing team names, uniforms, and even court colors. Edit any player's name, appearance, and ratings.

- Choose a league and take your own basketball team through an in-depth Season Mode.

- Draft players, negotiate contracts, and improve your team after every game with player progression and skill trees.

- Manage your players fatigue and keep them fresh with load management to prevent injuries. Players will eventually retire after they've played too many seasons.

- Play, watch, or simulate your own games and other team's games around the league.

- Increase fan support and team chemistry to gain more income to purchase team upgrades and attract players at a lower cost.

- Full stat tracking for every player and team across multiple categories.

- Earn individual accomplishments for your players from multiple end of season awards.

- Qualify for the post season tournament and lead your team to the championship.

- Continue playing for multiple seasons and win as many championships as possible!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Hoop League Tactics?

Hoop League Tactics is a sports management simulation game with turn-based tactical gameplay, where players take control of a basketball team and lead them to victory.

What can I do in Hoop League Tactics?

In Hoop League Tactics, you can manage your basketball team, upgrade player skills, scout for new prospects, customize teams, play games, watch games, simulate games, track player and team stats, earn accomplishments and awards, qualify for post-season tournaments, and aim to win championships.
4AM has also had a good time at an event in the United kingdom and sister of a
Jadarrius Smoke
Great game
donovan hefferon
Great game perfecto
Russian Wilson
You should add like a mycareer mode
Maad Gaming
Love the game and the flexibility it offers in game and franchise.
Its a really dope retro basketball experience, the discord is really involved and active. Almost deleted but once i joined the discord i realized this is more than just a arcade experience
FloraaalTheDon R6