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About Dayforce Wallet

What is Dayforce Wallet?

Experience a new level of financial freedom. With Dayforce Wallet, you can collect your pay when you want, even the day of your shift. It’s a new service designed to help you manage bills and expenses without resorting to costly alternatives like payday loans. It comes at no extra cost to you, and works completely independently of a bank account.

Access your account balance, make a purchase, and view all your transaction records in one place. You will also receive a Dayforce Card that can be used wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Easy Set-Up

If your employer has activated Dayforce Wallet, you can download the app now.
You choose how much of your earned pay you’d like to access via Dayforce Wallet.

Benefits of using Dayforce Wallet:

• Easy, on-demand access to your pay: Access your earned pay at any time, day or night, directly from your mobile device. You no longer need to wait until your traditional payday.

• Free access to earnings: There are no direct fees to access and use Dayforce Wallet.

• Dayforce Card: You’ll receive a card that can be used for everyday purchases, wherever Mastercard is accepted.

• ATM access: Withdraw your cash with no fee at a network of ATMs. Our ATM locator makes it easy to find these locations.

• Transfer funds: Dayforce Wallet allows you to transfer your funds to external financial institutions, giving you flexibility in how you manage your money.

• Holistic view of financials: With visibility into your earnings, spending, and savings, you can gain more control over your finances.

Great app! Perfect for emergencies.
Awesome! Easy to use
David Christian
Like it.
Victor Karanja