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About The Happy Habit

Created and voiced by internationally recognised meditation teacher, Fleur Chambers

Join the more than 600,000 people in 30 countries who enjoy listening to this ONE voice

Start with 4-minute micro-meditations (with reminders at your chosen time) to help you make happiness a daily habit

Master the 10 pathways to lasting happiness through guided meditations and journaling

One meditation teacher, one powerful framework, infinite opportunities for happiness that lasts

The Happy Habit is an app by internationally recognised mindfulness meditation teacher Fleur Chambers. She has written more than 500 unique guided meditations and helped over 600,000 people in 30 countries to reduce the daily stressors that block their happiness.

Fleur is a down-to-earth, working mother who doesn't spend hours at silent retreats each year. Instead, she finds small moments each day to practice, to be mindful, to be happy.

She teaches people how to weave meditation and moments of happiness into their already busy and over-scheduled lives.

And she can help you too.

Fleur will help you discover what makes you happy and what gets in the way. You’ll start to believe that inner happiness is possible, regardless of what’s going on in your external world. And you’ll learn exactly how to create moments of happiness every day.


Create - Develop and maintain a regular meditation practice even amidst your busy and unpredictable life. Take part in a micro meditation challenge that will increase your happiness in just 4 minutes a day. The best part, the app delivers these micro-moments of happiness straight to you at your preferred time, making meditation your easiest daily habit.

Grow - Experience the perfectly curated guided meditation library specifically designed to support you in mastering the 10 pathways to happiness that lasts. Listen with music or without. This library will be updated 4 times per year with new meditations.

Explore - Meditation but with a pen, perfect for those times you are seeking greater clarity and direction. Write your way to inner happiness with these guided writing practices that will help you identify what makes you uniquely happy, and what gets in the way.

Download the app and experience first hand how meditation can help you grow a lasting sense of peace, purpose and belonging, and transform your struggles into opportunities for growth and resilience.

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I love this app! It has helped me through some extremely challenging and heartbreaking life changes. Not just me, but my sister who started using it too. Even though she is a working mum, she could manage th...
K Paraskevas
Fleur's voice along with the music calm you down straight away. Her meditations are informative and often thought provoking. I am so glad I found her. I use the daily 4 minutes meditation at a time I want, t...
Jane Blackwood
I have been using this app for some time now and I love it! I can always find a meditation to suit my need for that day. I like that the mediations vary in time length so you can do a 5 minute one some days ...
Hayley and Luke Roberts