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About Subliminal Vision Boards!

With everything we have experienced in the last few years, depression, anxiety, and PTSD has increased dramatically.

It is time to shift your focus to what you want in your life! You are a powerful creator and the only reason you are not experiencing the life of your dreams is due to your focus. The more attention you put towards something, the faster it's manifestation.

it is time to release old, negative, painful thoughts and patterns of behavior from your childhood. These are only holding you back!

It is time now to answer that calling inside you excited, confident, and fearless!

It’s time to tell yourself how you want your life and yourself to be in a positive, self-loving, and empowering way, the way you desire it to be…the way you deserve it to be!

You are always manifesting and the only reason you are not experiencing your greatest potential is because you are manifesting by default not deliberately. Diluted focus gives diluted results. *This app is ad Free*

The goal in manifesting is to align your thoughts with the feeling of already having what is desired. When this happens, you become truly balanced and in alignment with the energy of what it is you want.

Welcome to Subliminal Vision Boards!

The first multi-sensory visualization tool that helps you to rewire negative subconscious patterns that block you and helps you to create new neural pathways in your brain all at once using 3 key processes:


The process of visualization is essential for a positive, healthy mindset. The brain thinks in images and these images when seen consistently imprint on the brain like a memory. Images create thoughts, thoughts create emotions and emotions create actions.


You believe 95% of what you tell yourself! Record and hear yourself saying positive affirmations about your new life, new health, new body or even your next week! Watch your thoughts change!

Experience the Ancient Healing 9 Solfeggio Frequencies 174hz – 963hz. When frequencies connect with water, they either harm or heal the water molecule. We are 60% water. These powerful and beautiful tones will help you to release stress, remove stagnant energy blockages, and rebalance the mind, body, and spirit. * Headphones are recommended *


The Subconscious part of your brain controls 95% of your life; your thoughts, your behaviors and it all started programming when you were born!
As a child your mind was like a sponge, soaking up all your parent’s vibrations and beliefs, behaviors about Love, Money, Self-Care, Self-Worth, EVERYTHING!! and you quickly made them your own!

Unless you retrain your brain and feelings, you will continually let this crud lead your life!

The good news is that your mind is like a computer and can be easily updated, with the crud removed permanently!!

Just look at your created vision board using our unique Subliminal Take 5 feature 5 minutes right before you go to sleep and 5 minutes after you wake up. As you look at your board, put on your headphones to immerse yourself in your vision and allow each image and affirmation to flash subliminally at the speed that retrains your subconscious.

NOW is the time to turn off the outside world and go within and start to witness the evolution of your desires.

We know how some have experienced financial hardships and so for a limited time to allow everyone to experience this app, we are offering it to you with Lifetime access for a one-time cost of $4.99.

As a Vibration and Manifesting Coach, I've seen phenomenal results using with my own clients and my vision is that all Lightworkers on this planet include this tool to help accelerate their clients healing as well.

Blessings of Love and Light to You,

Warning: Subliminal feature contains flashing that can intensify certain patterns, triggering seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy or TBI. Do not use while driving.

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Amazing, it is constantly changing my reality for the better.
Greg Tosian