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About DICE: Tickets for Live Music, Clubs & Events

If you’ve ever been to a concert you’ll know live experiences are amazing but ticketing is horrible. DICE originated in London in 2014 from a team of music obsessives who wanted to change that.

Mobile first from day one, our app makes it easy to find and book tickets to a list of incredible events personalised for everyone on DICE.

We believe in fair, up-front pricing. Plus, features like no-hassle refunds on sold out shows, a Waiting List that gets fans in, and amazing support means our fans love us.

We hate scalpers and build tech that keeps tickets in the hands of live music fans and away from speculators.

From Kanye West to Billie Eilish, Travis Scott to Adele, up-and-coming to the world’s biggest artists, if it’s on DICE, it’s worth your time.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

When did DICE originate?

DICE originated in London in 2014.

What is DICE's main focus?

DICE's main focus is providing a mobile app that allows users to find and book tickets to incredible events personalized for them.
Luvs it
Adam Hale
Easy access to great live music events
Kathy Mitchell
Such a good quality of sound and image!
Yvapurü Samaniego Bonnin
DICE is T.F.A. I just wish more bands used it. I have booked half a dozen gigs over the last two years with Dice but three times as many though the usual rip off ticket providers. All power to DICE, they are...
Ant Hoswell
Great app. Cuts out all the nonsense with gig tickets. Simply effortless.
Sean Foster
Great service and good reminders and e tickets. Never had an issue getting into a gig and booking is a breeze!
Neil Wright