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About Naming Therapy

Naming Therapy is the best-selling word-finding app to help people with aphasia practice important naming and description skills.

Designed by a Speech-Language Pathologist for use in the home and clinic, this app features beautiful photos, real voice, and full customization with over 700 words included!

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This app has 4 parts:
1) Naming Practice: 400+ pictured nouns with an evidence-based cueing hierarchy and optional self-scoring, with the option to add your own photos and cues. The app records which cue was used to get the correct answer and produces a score report for email. Use different cues within Naming Practice to target confrontation naming, responsive naming, phrase completion, repetition, and oral reading.

2) Describe: 580+ pictures with 4-6 semantic & 4 phonemic question prompts for semantic feature analysis, phonological components analysis, and expanding expression skills. You can add your own words and select from 25 prompts to go with them. Icons representing questions prompting for information about the appearance, category, function, shape, size, color, taste, location and more surround each picture. Target sound knowledge by hearing prompts for first and last sound, rhyming words, and syllables.

3) Naming Test: a set presentation of 30 pictures with scoring and a report. This is a non-standardized test intended for screening a person's ability to name common items. It contains common and less common items of the categories contained in this app. A perfect screener!

4) Flashcards: 700+ clear, full-color pictures including verbs and adjectives; touch to hear the spoken word or see the printed word with the ability to add your own pictures. Use the verb pictures to create sentences or implement response elaboration training.

*Limit words by syllable length to just practice the short ones or target the longer ones - perfect for apraxia
*Real recorded male voice provides a neutral accent in 5 languages with slow, natural speech for easy comprehension
*Database controls let you turn each word on or off within the app, so you can customize even further
*Tap is the only motion required - no dragging, swiping or pinching needed for new users and those with motor impairment

NO in-app purchase and NO collection or sharing of private information.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Naming Therapy?

Naming Therapy is a word-finding app designed to help people with aphasia practice their naming and description skills. It features photos, real voice, and customization options.

Who created Naming Therapy?

Naming Therapy was created by a Speech-Language Pathologist.

What are the different parts of the app?

The app has four parts: Naming Practice, Describe, Naming Test, and Flashcards.

What is included in the Naming Practice section?

The Naming Practice section includes over 400 pictured nouns with cueing hierarchy options and the ability to add your own photos and cues.

What does the Describe section include?

The Describe section includes over 580 pictures with question prompts for semantic feature analysis and expanding expression skills. Users can also add their own words and select from 25 prompts.

What is the purpose of the Naming Test section?

The Naming Test section is a non-standardized test intended for screening a person's ability to name common items. It includes 30 pictures and provides scoring and a report.

What is available in the Flashcards section?

The Flashcards section includes over 700 clear, full-color pictures, including verbs and adjectives. Users can hear the spoken word or see the printed word and can add their own pictures.

What special features does the app have?

The app allows users to limit words by syllable length, provides a male voice in multiple languages, and offers database controls for customization. It also requires simple tapping motions, with no dragging or pinching.

Are there any in-app purchases or privacy concerns?

There are no in-app purchases and no collection or sharing of private information.

Where can I find more speech therapy apps?

You can find a wide range of speech therapy apps at
An absolutely wonderful program. I purchased it for supplemental speech therapy for my wife who had a severe stroke, which seriously effected her ability to speak and recognize written words. The flexibility...
Great addition to our at home therapy curriculum. Hoping that Conversation Therapy for android is available soon.
Carlyn Warn