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About Healthy Back - Posture Assessment & Exercise

Is your child’s spine fine? Do you know that back pain may be related to posture defects? 
Over 90% of children need posture correction. Check your child’s spine condition with Healthy Back Posture Analysis! Thanks to our application you can check Spine Health at home. Follow all postural changes and check what you can do to fix posture defects. Healthy Back Posture Analysis is the only medical application that has been tested by physiotherapists and orthopedist. Is your child’s spine straight? Check what posture assessment you will get! The application is based on medical research. Take care of your child’s spine! We will show you which back pain exercises are best for your child.
Healthy Back Posture Analysis will help you Improving your kid’s postural health:
# improve appearance and confidence
get rid of back pain, neck pain and headaches
# increase body awareness and receive medical assessments
# find the best orthopedists and physiotherapists in your area

# gain knowledge of various diseases that can occur in the human body
# learn back exercises that will help fix your spine defects
# track postural changes and balance health
# have a straight posture and healthy spine
# check which posture exercises you should do

# give a posture correction
# choose trainings for back - many back exercises

Your task will be to take pictures of your child’s body correctly. The spirit level will help you take an appropriate picture of your body and check Your Spine Health at home. 
You have to take 3 photos from 3 different sides. Take the first picture from the front, the second from the side, and the third in an inclined position. After taking and confirming the photos, mark the points that correspond to appropriate places on the body. Healthy Back Posture Analysis will generate a skeleton visualization based on the photos. The model visualizes the prognosis and treatment effects that may occur over the next ten years. Check what trainings for back we have prepared for your child! We have many back exercises for your child.
You will also see a list of diseases that occur in your child’s body. Get rid of back pain & give your child a posture correction! Track postural changes, balance & symmetry and take care of your Balance Health. To have a Straight Posture you have to remember that you should do posture exercises regularly. Make sure your child's spine doesn't have asymmetries. Thanks to this, your child will get rid of all afflictions and pain. Everyone should examine and check what posture exercises they should do at home. Get the most accurate Posture Assessment in the App Store - a healthy spine is a longer life! Download Healthy Back Posture Analysis. Our Posture Assessment will help your child control your Balance Health so that you have Healthy Spine! Check your Spine Health. We have for the best back pain exercises for your child!
Quick posture correction will help your child avoid back pain and choose the right trainings for back. Check out our back pain exercises for your child.