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About Tap Force

Welcome to Tap Force! Head back to the 90s and clean up the mean streets of Metro City in this new hero collector auto battle RPG!

Assemble a team of the ultimate 16-bit pixel fighters and use them to battle with or against other players. Arm your citizens by expanding your weapon shop business that runs even while you are offline!

• Recruit & train 16-bit pixel fighters to form the toughest fighting team
• Sell weapons to your citizens by opening a variety of martial arts weapon shops
• Fight through hundreds of levels in the campaign which span three unique zones
• Face off against other players in the PVP Arena and climb the ranks for big rewards
• Join clubs where you can chat with friends and compete in special group events
• Beautiful 16-bit retro pixel art aesthetic
• Featuring music from Mitch Murder


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Tap Force?

Tap Force is a hero collector auto battle RPG set in the 90s, where players clean up the streets of Metro City.

How can I play Tap Force?

You can play Tap Force by assembling a team of 16-bit pixel fighters, battling with or against other players, and expanding your weapon shop business.

How do I recruit and train pixel fighters in Tap Force?

In Tap Force, you can recruit and train 16-bit pixel fighters to form the toughest fighting team.

Can I sell weapons in Tap Force?

Yes, you can sell weapons to your citizens by opening a variety of martial arts weapon shops in Tap Force.

What are the main features of Tap Force?

The main features of Tap Force include recruiting and training pixel fighters, selling weapons, fighting through campaign levels, participating in PVP Arena battles, joining clubs, and enjoying a beautiful retro pixel art aesthetic.

Can I play Tap Force offline?

Yes, you can still run your weapon shop business and earn rewards even while you are offline in Tap Force.

How can I join clubs in Tap Force?

You can join clubs in Tap Force to chat with friends and compete in special group events.

Who is the music composer for Tap Force?

The music in Tap Force is composed by Mitch Murder.

Where can I find more information about Tap Force?

You can find more information about Tap Force on the website and on Twitter @racecatgames.
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