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About Prixm

Powered by your stories and real connections, PRIXM is a “happy” app focused on you. We reject algorithms, “likes”, ads, and selling of personal information; our only focus is to empower you to document your life, and create communities that you care about.


•Document your story for yourself and your loved ones.

•Your story, your way—options to make individual posts public, private, or personal.

•Storyline—vertical or horizontal chronological storylines with posts of images, text, video, or audio.

•Storytelling prompts—optional prompts assist in documenting the things that matter most, the things that make you who you are.

•Simplified design to eliminate distraction—the focus is on you and your content. The beautifully minimal design keeps your space feeling clean and genuine.

•True connections—a newsfeed in chronological order to connect with and follow the people important to you.

•Organize what you see—create newsfeed filters so you can look at what you want, when you want.

•Create communities—respond via text, picture, or video in groups and chats to strengthen relationships.

•Healthy stopping points—no infinite scrolling to ensure you stay in control of your experience.

•No algorithms. No numbers. No ads.

PRIXM empowers individuals and communities.

As parents, business owners, and friends, we’ve been deeply concerned with the effects of traditional social media. To help combat this, we’ve partnered with THE NEW NORM, a non-profit that educates communities on the harmful effects of social media, and empowers them to create true connection.

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Love it! Its the good about social media without all the bad. Eat your heart out, Zuckerberg.
Kyle Vorkink