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About COFE

From international franchises to local artisanal brands, find all your favorite COFE vendors in one app.

COFE offers you smart ordering options from delivery and picks up to catering for larger groups. In addition to ready-to-consume beverages, COFE also provides various other coffee-related products like beans, machines, and accessories.

The app remembers your favorite orders and makes getting your daily COFE as easy as 1-2-3.

- Launch the COFE App.

- Tap on your favorite order.

- Proceed to Checkout.

Created by a team of caffeine-fueled techies from around the world, COFE currently serves COFE lovers across Kuwait. The app uses your location to show you closest COFE vendors, offers in-app credit options, and exciting multi-brand promotions.

The COFE app is as much a convenience tool as it is a lifestyle app. It doesn't just make your daily coffee easier to access, and it completely changes the way you consume this much-needed beverage.

- COFE On-the-Go:
Our COFE delivery option allows you to pick your preferred beverage from any of your favorite COFE vendors. Your order is delivered to you at the perfect temperature. You can add multiple addresses to your account.

- Get COFE:
Skip the line with our COFE concierge service. Place our order using the app and get the COFE Vendor closest to you to get you the caffeine loaded beverage of choice. The Get COFE service is currently available for your COFE Vendor shop counter, car(s), office(s), classroom(s), hospital(s), Kuwait International Airport Departure Gate(s).

- COFE Gathering:
Be it office meetings, a family get-together, an evening-in with your friends or any other event, COFE and scrumptious bites go a long way. Use the COFE Gathering option in the app, and choose from the multitude of vendors, specially customized to suit your needs. From the number of guests to the kind of Barista, we can match your request.

- COFE Credit:
Repeatedly using your bank cards for online transactions is so last decade! Upload COFE Credit into your account and use it to pay for your orders.

- COFE Sweeteners:
COFE believes that caffeine should add excitement to your life, and for this, the app brings your constant promotions, contests, cash prizes, and freebies. Make the most from your COFE boost!

Multiple Payment Options:
Use your pre-loaded COFE Credit (recommended), use your credit/debit card, or opt for cash-on-delivery. We offer our users various payment options to make getting COFE as convenient as possible.

- Map View:
The COFE app understands that sometimes you need your coffee, and you need it now! This is why the app shows you your closest COFE vendors first so that you can pick your nearest neighborhood Barista for a quick caffeine fix. Alternatively, you can also view and choose from the extensive list of vendors present on the app.

Best of the best coffee application, it's reached us by giving us not just taking from us .
jorden Shba9a
Without Cofe you are missing BIG loyalty discounts
AbdulAzeez Al Duwaikh
Amazing and convenient..
මගේ රට කවදාත්