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About Hero Adventure: Idle Dungeon & Action Shooter

Dear Monster Hunter,
Welcome to Hero Adventure: idle dungeon & action shooter — a new open world rpg in the series of shooting & idle tycoon games!

Play a ghost knight in the castle dungeons, upgrade guns, armor, level up your archer, call idle heroes, kill monster bosses and become the best dungeon tycoon. Shoot your way through the open world of evil lands just like in the best hero action rpg games! You’re our last hope!

True shooter features:
➤ Tap to kill unique ghosts & fight every boss on every level as a real monster hunter
➤ Upgrade your knight and his gun, open new weapons & armor, become a powerful archer
➤ Summon the legendary idle heroes, collect all, kill enemies even when you don't play the game & become a noble ghost knight and the best dungeon tycoon
➤ Learn every mighty magic skill to become the master hunter & fight a monster battle in this real action shooter
➤ Tap & fight the battle against every boss & ghost on your way and you will be a mighty hunter
➤ Explore the dark open world of evil & play your own knight dungeon quest
➤ Find the way to win in this action shooter with elements of rpg games
➤ If you die — just revive & continue your hero quest
➤ Learn more about the castle dungeon story

The magic story of Hero Adventure:

After some mysterious incident, you awaken in evil lands and didn’t remember anything. Searching for some answers, you became a ghost knight and started shooting your way through the monster world. So you created & upgraded many weapons and armor. The gun was your favorite weapon but soon you understood that the castle dungeon was filled with enemies and gunpowder was really rare. So you started shooting a bow & crossbow as well. On your journey you rescued a lot of heroes and set the shelter.

Now it's your home when you get tired from monster battles. In the shelter you upgrade guns, other weapons & armor, learn a new magic skill every day, train other archers… However, many questions are left unanswered. Many monster hunters are still jailed. So it’s time to take a gun and continue the quest. Until you will find your way out of the castle dungeon.

The adventure calls the knight. Are you ready?..

Hero Adventure is a new idle dungeon tycoon game so we are happy to get player’s feedback and add new features in this shooter and open world game.

Share your opinion about shooting & action rpg games, feel free to ask at [email protected]. See you soon, Monster Hunter!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Hero Adventure: idle dungeon & action shooter?

Hero Adventure is a new open world RPG game that combines elements of shooting and idle tycoon games. Players take on the role of a ghost knight in castle dungeons, upgrading their weapons and armor to become a powerful archer and defeat monster bosses.

How do I play Hero Adventure?

In Hero Adventure, you tap to kill unique ghosts and fight bosses on every level. You can upgrade your knight and his gun, summon legendary idle heroes, and learn powerful magic skills. The game also allows you to explore the dark open world and continue your hero quest even if you die.

Can I play Hero Adventure even when I'm not actively playing the game?

Yes, Hero Adventure allows you to collect idle heroes and continue killing enemies even when you're not playing the game. This feature allows you to progress and become a powerful dungeon tycoon.

What is the story behind Hero Adventure?

In Hero Adventure, you awaken in evil lands with no memory of what happened. As a ghost knight, you embark on a journey to find answers and uncover the mysteries of the castle dungeon. Along the way, you rescue heroes and upgrade your weapons, all while searching for a way out.

How can I provide feedback or ask questions about the game?

You can share your opinion about Hero Adventure or ask any questions by emailing [email protected]. The game developers are happy to receive player feedback and may add new features based on player suggestions.
Hidden gem love it! casual but addicting
nathan lord
Reply to review if you want a run down on the bugs. Great game. Don't abandon it
wayne berry
Good game, bit short and not really sure why you cap DPS, health and crit until level 40. I'm only level 21 which means I have 19 levels to go, the leveling system is far to slow. Would be great if there was...
James Inge
Good game. 3rd person shooter with your standard upgrade damage, life, etc... Quite short right now but hopefully more will come soon. Worth playing.
Kevin Chalmers
The game is nice, hope it can have save game in future
Saw Kin Poh
Very enjoyable game. The fact that it has an end is superb! Hopefully there will be more updates. Keep up the good work. Played it twice already!
Αντώνης Τυρολοΐδης