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About Step Counter: Pedometer & Running Tracker Calories

GStep Counter And Sports Tracker, Calories Burned - The calculate steps and km app will allow you to measure walking steps through accurate acceleration sensors.

It is especially suitable for people who lose weight because app to measure walking distance, calculate steps walk and calorie counter, track running distance

Advantages of GStep count steps and calories app
✔ Reminder: helps motivate you to stand up and walk, report the number of count steps and calories
✔ Start / pause / reset custom step tracker app as you like
✔ Privacy: Information about your index will be absolutely private
✔ App to count walking steps with nice, beautiful interface
✔ The track walking and jogging app does not cause battery drain or heat
✔ All the features in walking steps counter app are free to use
✔ Daily update & report for the best workout plan
✔ Step counter with map for running
✔ Step counter and count calories offline, step counter without internet
✔ Drink water reminder with running app for beginners
✔ Small capacity of distance tracker for walking and running app
✔ The distance calculator while walking app is compatible with almost devices
✔ Data synchronization: Link and sync data with GG Fit, connected to a garmin smart watch. It's easy and convenient for the training process

Main features of the fitness apps that track steps
1. Pedometer step counter and distance
+ Calculate footsteps and measure walking distance in feet by accelerometer sensor
+ Start / pause / reset the walking steps measure process

2. Calories tracker app
+ Footstep counter during the day to calculate calories burned
+ Walking tracker with miles and calorie

3. Daily achievement report about pedometer for walking
+ Report by clear chart about walking distance tracker free, calculate steps, and calorie

4. Running tracker, step counter without wifi
+ Step counter runner tracker will count the step and record the distance traveled, track running distance
+ Record the route. Redraw your route
+ Analyzing the results after completing the running process

5. Cycling tracker, bike tracker
+ Track your pace, measure workout distance
+ Detailed analysis of speed, time
+ Calculate the calories burned during cycling

6. Notification center
+ The step calculator app will send notifications about people follow you, like or comment on your post

7. Share achievements
+ After completing step calculator in km, please share it with your friends
+ The calculate steps and calories application allows you to add photo and edit caption

Note of walking steps and distance count:
* For the indicators to be measured most accurately, enter your correct weight and height
* Set your footsteps to make the practice more effective.

Wishing to help users in the process of training and improving health, we have been trying to bring great accurate step counter with walking distance tracker in km offline

Install the walking apps to keep track of steps and calories you burn, stand up and walk today. Every step you take today will help you create a good living routine. Share the app step counter and calories burned with friends to walk together every day.

If you have any questions about walking apps to keep track of distance and time, let us know in the comment section below. Don't forget to rate 5* calculate walking distance in km app to support the developer!

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