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About Footpath Route Planner - Running, Hiking, Bike Map

Trace a map with your finger and Footpath will snap to roads and trails. Measure distance and elevation in seconds.

Mix up your routine and plan out a new running route or bike ride, or plan a scenic road trip or multiday hiking adventure. Footpath allows you to plan custom routes quicker and easier than ever before.

Join over a million adventurers using Footpath Route Planner and pave your own path.

Snap to map
Quickly measure distances by tracing a map with your finger. Footpath will snap to any roads, bike paths, hiking trails, or paths you can find on Footpath's topo maps. Footpath can even snap to rivers and railroads.

Measure distance and elevation
Know exactly how far and how high you'll travel with an accurate distance measure and detailed elevation profiles. Plan a precise route that matches your mileage goal, or use as a distance tracker if you run without a phone.

Save routes for later
Marathon training or planning a backpacking trip? Sign up for a free account to save up to 5 routes at a time, or save an unlimited number of routes with Footpath Elite.

GPX viewer
Find a cool hiking trail on the web? Import GPX files from anywhere to analyze or save for later.

Share routes
Send your routes to friends or workout partners and let them partake in your adventure.

Footpath is designed to work in any country, and for any activity or adventure you can imagine:
• Running, walking, and hiking
• Cycling and mountain biking
• Motorcycling and driving
• Kayaking, canoeing, and standup paddleboarding
• Backcountry skiing
• Sailing
• And many more!


Footpath Elite

Ready to go the extra mile? Upgrading to a Footpath Elite subscription unlocks the following powerful features:

Premium topo maps & overlays: including USGS Topo Maps, OpenCycleMap, bike paths, avalanche slope shading, elevation contour lines, and many more
Offline map downloads: follow your route even without cell service
Cue sheets: list out the full turn-by-turn directions for your route, so you know exactly where to turn
Organize: save unlimited routes and sort routes into custom lists
Export: export GPX files directly to Garmin Connect, Wahoo ELEMNT, COROS, and other apps
GPS Devices: export TCX and FIT courses for turn-by-turn navigation on select Garmin and Wahoo running watches and cycling computers


Tips for mapping routes

• For a longer route, try zooming in and mapping your route in multiple segments.
• Tap and hold the map to quickly route between waypoints and POIs.
• Did Footpath snap to the wrong roads? Trace over the incorrect segment to edit, or use the eraser tool.
• Turn off snap to roads (magnet icon) and zoom in to manually trace the map. (Try switching to a satellite layer).


Contact Us

We've got a lot planned for Footpath. If you have any suggestions or feedback, or if you run into any issues, please contact us at [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can I do with Footpath Route Planner?

You can trace a map with your finger, measure distance and elevation, plan custom routes, and save routes for later.

What types of paths will Footpath snap to?

Footpath will snap to roads, bike paths, hiking trails, rivers, railroads, and other paths on Footpath's topo maps.

Can I measure both distance and elevation with Footpath?

Yes, Footpath provides accurate distance measurements and detailed elevation profiles.

Can I save my routes for future reference?

Yes, you can save up to 5 routes at a time with a free account, or save an unlimited number of routes with Footpath Elite.

Can I import GPX files into Footpath?

Yes, you can import GPX files from anywhere to analyze or save for later.

Can I share my routes with others?

Yes, you can send your routes to friends or workout partners to share your adventure.

What activities can I use Footpath for?

Footpath is designed for running, hiking, biking, motorcycling, driving, kayaking, canoeing, standup paddleboarding, backcountry skiing, sailing, and many more activities.

What additional features are available with Footpath Elite?

Footpath Elite unlocks premium topo maps, offline map downloads, cue sheets, route organization, GPX file export, and compatibility with GPS devices.

How can I contact Footpath for support or feedback?

You can contact Footpath at [email protected] for any suggestions, feedback, or issues you may have.
Mohammad Nahvi Moghaddam
easy to use, great for working out cycle or walking routes
Su Tysoe
i hope we can make it work on wear OS
William Dominguez
love this app great for mapping runs
Jenna SmartFit
Edit, cool, that works where the map doesn't recognize the intersection, unmagnetting does it, thanks I'll give it a try now :) Doesn't recognise intersections. Tried a few places on footpaths where I am cer...
Max Williams
Nice tool
GKW Zurich AG.