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About Everlance: Mileage Tracker, Expense Log & Taxes

Throw away your mileage log and shoebox of receipts! Everlance’s automatic mileage tracker and receipt log makes recording tax deductions or reimbursements simple, easy and free.

Everlance tracks your mileage automatically using GPS so you no longer need to keep a mileage log or logbook -- all you need to do is let the app record your trips in the background and swipe trips to the left if personal or to the right if for business.

Everlance is designed for minimal battery consumption and IRS compliance. Everlance has two plans: a free plan and a premium plan. Under the free plan you can track an unlimited number of trips or receipts manually or you can upgrade to Everlance Premium and the app will automatically track your trips using GPS and transactions using credit card integration. Users ranging from the self-employed to companies large and small love us, here's why:


Earn more money — Every 1,000 miles is worth $575 as a business expense you don't have to pay taxes on. Everlance makes sure you never lose a mile again by working seamlessly in the background to capture all potential deductions.
Save time — Everlance automatically tracks your miles. Simply swipe to categorize and you're done. Self-employed taxes are now a breeze.
Get peace of mind — Everlance backs up everything safely in the cloud. We're your digital mileage tracker and log.


Automatic Trip Detection — We detect and log all of your trips automatically (or add a TO and FROM location and Everlance will create a trip for you).
Mileage Tracking Details — We calculate business mileage, trip start & end time, and reimbursement value.
Classify Mileage — Swipe to categorize trips as business, personal, charity, or medical.
• We save a GPS "mileage receipt" for each trip which is backed up to the cloud.
Receipt Capture — Upload your paper receipts of meals, supplies, and other expenses .
Card & Bank Sync — Bank and credit card integration to track revenue and expenses.
Keep Your Business Organized — Supports multiple income sources, 1099 taxes, quickbooks self-employed, and excel .
IRS Compliant Reports — Export your data at any time to CSV or PDF
... and many more features to come!


Solopreneurs —freelancer, real estate agents, photographers, self-employed, general contractors ...
Independent contractors — rideshare drivers (uber / lyft), food delivery (doordash, instacart, amazon flex, etc.), etc.
Companies & Employees — Individuals or teams that need to get reimbursed for mileage or expenses.
• Anyone who needs a mileage tracker for their vehicle, to improve their mile IQ, or complete a Freshbooks, Quickbooks, Concur or Xero expense report.


Employee Mileage Reimbursement —Save your employees and finance departments hundreds of hours with automatic expense tracking.
Admin Dashboard — Once central dashboard to manage your entire teams mileage and expense reports.
Save Time & Money — No more manual mileage or expense logging. Both employees and administrators save time every week with Everlance Teams
• Learn if Everlance Teams is right for your company.

We'd love to hear from you! Please note that mileage tracking is not always 100% accurate (loss of signal, etc.) and that we are working every day to improve the tracker.

All feedback or ideas are welcome at [email protected].

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Everlance?

Everlance is an automatic mileage tracker and receipt log app that helps you record tax deductions and reimbursements easily and for free.

How does Everlance track mileage?

Everlance tracks your mileage automatically using GPS, eliminating the need for a mileage log or logbook. Simply let the app record your trips in the background and swipe trips to categorize them as personal or business.

Does Everlance have a free plan?

Yes, Everlance has both a free plan and a premium plan. The free plan allows you to manually track an unlimited number of trips or receipts.

What are the benefits of using Everlance?

Some benefits of using Everlance include earning more money by maximizing business expense deductions, saving time with automatic mileage tracking, and having peace of mind with cloud backup of all your data.

What features does Everlance offer?

Everlance offers features such as automatic trip detection, mileage tracking details, categorization of trips, receipt capture, card and bank sync, support for multiple income sources, and IRS compliant reports, among many others.

Who is Everlance perfect for?

Everlance is perfect for solopreneurs, independent contractors, companies and employees who need to track mileage or expenses for reimbursement or tax purposes.

How does Everlance for Teams work?

Everlance for Teams allows companies to save time and money by automating expense tracking for employees. It includes features such as employee mileage reimbursement, an admin dashboard to manage mileage and expense reports, and saves time for both employees and administrators.

How can I provide feedback or ideas to Everlance?

You can provide feedback or ideas to Everlance by sending an email to [email protected].
This company has helped save me thousands in tax payments due to tracking my mileage, easy set up for expense tracking and also the reports prepared for you and emailed to you so all you have to do is submit...
Ben Metcalf
Great app! So easy to track expenses for independent contractors
Jeffery L Thomas
Wow...just WOW!! This app goes above and beyond for what i need it for! You can even link you cards to the app to keep tabs on business spending. I am very, very impressed! Thanks for the wonderful options a...
Roomie Scott
Excelent app
This is Eden
Easy use
Adrienne Houston
This app is a life saver for me business 💯..
Athemba Hoff