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About Metriport - Personal Analytics

Put the power of AI and personal data science into your pocket!
Discover more about yourself, quantify your life, and boost your self improvement with beautiful data visualization and personalized insights.
From health and fitness device integration, to daily journaling, to creating any custom metric you can think of, do it all on one platform with Metriport!

Track what you want, how you want, with unparalleled customizability and personalization.


• Choose from a wide variety of metric templates to quantify your life; from gratitude, to finance trackers, and everything in between.
• Create fully customizable personal metrics, and track anything you can think of.
• Sync with Google Fit to have all of your health and fitness data in one place.
• Discover more about yourself with personalized insights into your health, fitness, or whatever else you're tracking.
• Effortless data entry and modification for current or previous days.
• Set up customizable daily prompts to help hold yourself accountable for data entries.
• Compare and analyze any of your metrics to discover correlations.
• Own your data, and backup or import it at any time with locally encrypted storage.
• Customize metric icons, colors, and charts, for a unique data visualization experience tailored to your liking.
• Organize your personal data dashboard with drag and drop, with a seamless flip to your weekly insights.
• Toggle between light and dark themes.


• We believe everyone has a right to data ownership and privacy.
• Metriport ensures your personal data is encrypted and secure, at rest, and in transit.
• No one will ever see your data except for you! It goes without saying, but it will never be sold either.
• Import, export, and delete, your data anytime. No subscription required.

In addition to being the most powerful personal data science platform in the world free-of-charge, Metriport also offers auto-renewing monthly and yearly premium subscriptions for those looking for even more advanced features and customizability:


• Secure your personal data with local biometric and PIN lock authentication.
• Enable daily automated encrypted cloud backups for worry-free data security and storage.
• Restore your backups from the cloud, just in case your device is ever lost, or stolen.
• Choose from over 35 custom app themes, for an even more personalized user experience.
• Fully unlocked metric creation, and customizability.
• Choose between monthly or annually recurring subscriptions.
• Cancel anytime.


Our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Terms of Use:

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Service:

Terms of Use:


Say hello:

Email - [email protected]

Twitter - @metriport

Instagram -

Reddit - r/metriport

Website -

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Metriport?

Metriport is a personal analytics app that uses AI and data science to help you discover more about yourself, quantify your life, and improve yourself with personalized insights.

What can I track with Metriport?

With Metriport, you can track a wide variety of metrics including health and fitness data, gratitude, finances, and anything else you can think of. You can also create fully customizable personal metrics.

Can I sync my health and fitness data with Metriport?

Yes, you can sync your health and fitness data with Metriport by connecting it to Google Fit.

How does Metriport ensure privacy and security?

Metriport encrypts your personal data both at rest and in transit to ensure privacy and security. Your data is only accessible to you and will never be sold. You can also import, export, and delete your data anytime without a subscription.

What are the premium features offered by Metriport?

The premium features of Metriport include securing your personal data with biometric and PIN lock authentication, automated cloud backups, restore backups from the cloud, custom app themes, fully unlocked metric creation, and the option to choose between monthly or annually recurring subscriptions.

How can I contact Metriport?

You can contact Metriport through email at [email protected] or through their social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. You can also visit their website for more information.
This app is very user friendly and the design is great. The data tracking and analytics are highly advanced. Highly recommend!
K Flan
Finally, the app I was waiting for!
Stanley Grant
It was really useful for keeping track of my overall health and well being. Would definitely recommend for those trying to meet new personal goals.
branislav cvjetan