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About Dexfolio

Dexfolio is at its heart a portfolio tracker for cryptocurrency. However, the way it achieves this makes it the best cryptocurrency tracker for Decentralized Exchange (DEX) traders.

Dexfolio was designed and built specifically to track DEXes. Unlike other trackers, both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain will be tracked at launch. After entering your ETH and/or BSC wallet, Dexfolio calculates the purchase price of every token a user purchased on Uniswap, Pancake Swap, or any other DEX. It tracks all coins in your connected wallets (with no limit to how many wallets you connect). The app will track the current price, quantity, and position value for each token. It will also show the average cost basis and the transaction history in an upcoming release.

Once a wallet is connected, the user can turn on Intelligent Alerts.
For each token in your portfolio, an “average cost” is calculated. This is the average price you paid to buy the token on Uniswap, Pancake Swap, or any DEX. As you buy more of a given currency, the average cost is updated. However, if you sell, withdraw, or deposit the token, the average price is NOT updated. This is where the customer-centric thought process truly comes into play. As a trader who wants to track a currency, the rise or fall of its price is seen through the lens of how much you originally paid for it. That original amount still matters even if you sell part of the currency, as it was your original investment and a true outlay of cash (or equivalent). The price you sell your tokens for is important to you, but not in the context of the tokens you still hold; what matters for those tokens is still the initial amount you spent to purchase them.
When the Intelligent Alerts are turned on, the user receives alerts when there is a “significant change”. What determines a significant change? Again, user testing has determined that, when anchoring on the average cost for a given token, a significant change is an increase in increments of 100%. However, user testing also found that decreases are viewed as significant in smaller increments (this is very much in line with a large number of psychology studies on how the human brain views risk/opportunity). Users are alerted when the decrease is a 10% increment against average cost.

Another key feature driven by advanced UI/UX design along with user testing is the ability to “mute'' certain tokens. This solves the problem of users who have very erratic coins that are causing too many alerts, coins they have plans to continue hodling long term, or coins whose value is too small to warrant frequent alerts. Whatever the case, users can select any of their tokens and quickly add them to the list of muted tokens, which is always visible on the Portfolio page so that a user’s total holdings are still shown, regardless of alert preferences.

The Dexfolio design is driven with user testing, and as a result the UI has been continuously built, tested, and improved. The current app layout has been meticulously developed to provide users with the precise information they need—and no more. The driving mantra is “actionable intelligence”, and the team has accomplished this by providing users with the portfolio and alert information they need, and all of it on a mobile screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Dexfolio?

Dexfolio is a portfolio tracker specifically designed for cryptocurrency, with a focus on Decentralized Exchange (DEX) traders.

What does Dexfolio track?

Dexfolio tracks both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, and calculates the purchase price of every token purchased on DEXes such as Uniswap and Pancake Swap. It can track all coins in connected wallets, with no limit to the number of wallets that can be connected.

What information does Dexfolio provide for each token?

Dexfolio provides the current price, quantity, and position value for each token in your portfolio. It also shows the average cost basis and will soon include transaction history.

How does the average cost calculation work?

The average cost is calculated as the average price paid to buy a token on DEXes. It is updated as you buy more of the token, but not affected by selling, withdrawing, or depositing the token.

What are Intelligent Alerts?

Intelligent Alerts are notifications that Dexfolio sends to users when there is a significant change in the price of a token. The significance is determined based on user testing, with increases considered significant in increments of 100% and decreases in increments of 10% against the average cost.

Can I mute certain tokens to avoid excessive alerts?

Yes, Dexfolio allows users to mute specific tokens. This feature is particularly useful for coins with erratic behavior, long-term holdings, or low value. Muted tokens are still visible on the Portfolio page, but alerts for them are silenced.

How is the Dexfolio UI designed?

The Dexfolio UI is designed based on user testing, with a focus on actionable intelligence. The layout provides users with the precise information they need on a mobile screen, keeping it streamlined and user-friendly. Continuous testing and improvement ensure an optimal user experience.
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