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About CoinMetro - Crypto Trading - Buy/Sell Bitcoin

Exchange, Trade, Invest
Digitalize your finances. Get your future on track.

Newbies - We offer a simple and low cost way to buy and sell digital assets (including Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH and Ripple XRP).

Traders - We support trading services including charting tools/advanced order types, order book and trade history data.

Latest Updates:
- One Page Exchange Added (OPEX)
- Sign Up Via the APP (Remember to Get Verified)
- DEMO Mode Added to Explore the APP

- Secure App Setup: link your CoinMetro account with the App
- Secure Login: choose between Touch ID and PINcode
- Homescreen: displays a summary of the crypto assets available on CoinMetro
- Quick Card: account overview available on the top of all screens
- Crypto Wallets: exchange data and candlestick chart
- Favorites: Buy and Sell your favourite cryptos
- Simplex exchange: designed to allow users from novice to expert to exchange cryptos in few touches
- News page: interesting articles from CoinMetro blogs are listed
- Ambassador Card: share your link and start EARNING!

Coming Soon:
- Express Exchange Platform
- Instantly buy cryptos with a credit/debit card
- Complete Wallet Transaction History
- 1-Click Wallet Swap Tool
- Dust Converter: instantly exchange low balances of cryptos on your account

Useful Links:

● Website
● Reddit link
● Twitter profile
● Facebook product page
● Linkedin company link
● Telegram channel or chat room link
● Youtube channel link

Excellent exchange, very easy and fast
When will there be support for USA and USD?
Terrence Johnson
Simple and easy to use.