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About Bitcoin Depot

Managing your cryptocurrency has never been easier!

The Bitcoin Depot App provides maximum security while allowing all types of users to Get their Bitcoin in a Minute. With our app, we make it simple to locate the nearest BTM, buy bitcoin, sell bitcoin, and exchange many of the top cryptocurrencies in one easy place.

Secure crypto wallet and blockchain app
Easy to use Bitcoin wallet app with support for top crypto assets
Quickly locate your nearest BTM

Privacy Notice
The application requests access to the device contact list, and personal information. This information is used on the device to provide an improved user experience in the following ways:

1. Autocomplete contacts from the user's address book after a transaction
2. Autocomplete contacts from the user's address book to send Email or SMS payment requests

No personal info or contact list info ever leaves the device without first being encrypted by the user's credentials (username/password). NeitherBitcoin Depot nor any 3rd party can access the information requested by the application.