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About Crypto Price Alert - WazirX | No Ads

Did you invest in cryptocurrencies? Invested in Bitcoin or Dogecoin? Tired πŸ₯± of checking these volatile prices every other minute? It's time to relax now because we are here! We'll do this for you!

Keep track of all your cryptocurrency coins in one app! Live crypto price alerts, and price tracking in real time!

Install the Crypto Price Alert App to get realtime price alerts for any cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin or any other altcoin.

Configure your crypto price alert and let the app watch the prices for you. App will notify πŸ”” you once the currency reaches the set prices.

βœ… Integrated with WazirX
βœ… Real time prices from WazirX
βœ… Supports INR/USD/WarX
βœ… Set multiple price triggers
βœ… Set different alert types
βœ… No dark circles!

The Crypto Price Alert App is available for free and is dedicated to all crypto lovers.

Disclaimer: We are not associated with WazirX in anyway. The App uses their WazirX API to fetch real time prices of crypto currencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the Crypto Price Alert App?

The Crypto Price Alert App is an application that allows users to track the prices of cryptocurrencies and receive real-time price alerts.

Which cryptocurrencies are supported by the app?

The app supports any cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other altcoins.

How does the app work?

The app allows users to configure price alerts for their desired cryptocurrencies. Once the set price is reached, the app will notify the user.

Is the app integrated with WazirX?

Yes, the app is integrated with WazirX and fetches real-time prices from their API.

What alert types can be set in the app?

Users can set multiple price triggers and choose different alert types according to their preferences.

Is the app available in multiple currencies?

Yes, the app supports INR, USD, and WarX (WazirX's native currency).

Is the Crypto Price Alert App free?

Yes, the app is available for free to all crypto lovers.

Is the app affiliated with WazirX?

No, the app is not associated with WazirX. It uses their API to fetch real-time prices of cryptocurrencies.
Best app to know about the prices of crypto currency!!!
Pratham Jain
Very useful app πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ