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About AgoraDesk: buy BTC anonymously


Buy or sell Bitcoin without ID verification. Cash or online.

Wondering how to invest in Bitcoin? On AgoraDesk, purchasing bitcoins has never been easier - instantly buy BTC from a person using your favorite online payment method: PayPal, credit/debit card or bank transfer, gift cards, Venmo or any other. If you want to buy bitcoins near you with cash, you can find someone willing to sell bitcoins locally - the trading platform supports buying and selling BTC with cash. You can even buy bitcoins using cash by mail.

- Safe and Smooth Trading
Just like LocalBitcoins, we support any payment method, any currency, anywhere. We do not remove payment methods, and, unlike LocalBitcoins, we fully support face-to-face cash trades. All of our trades are protected by an arbitration bond. Thanks to the fact that we require funds to be held in arbitration bond before a trade can start, we ensure a smooth and safe experience for the buyer, which is essential for the popularity of the platform and repeat customers for the sellers.

- No KYC/AML or ID Verification
AgoraDesk is committed to maintaining the simplicity and straight-forwardness that made the original LocalBitcoins so popular. We do not employ KYC/AML, nor do we ever plan on doing so.

- Trusted by the Community
Our platform has operated for over four years, survived the Great Cryptocurrency Market Crash of 2018, and through its community-oriented diligent service became one of the most trusted names in the extremely skeptical cryptocurrency community.

- Secure, Open Source, Privacy-Centric, Censorship-Resistant
Our app is free and open source, which ensures that many eyes are looking at the app's code to ensure that there are no security holes or privacy leaks. Open sourcing our app also allows anyone to have access to our app even if a certain app repository censors the app. Our app even works on phones that have Google completely blocked. We value your privacy so much, we don’t even require you to provide an email when registering.

Source code:
Issue tracker:

- Stellar Support
Our support team is fast, responsive and always eager to please. We’ve never had a support ticket that wasn’t answered within 24 hours. We are always easily reachable through social media, we listen intently to your criticisms and we always implement good user suggestions in record time.

You can reach our support at:

- Fair Fees
We do not charge exorbitant fees when you deposit or withdraw Bitcoins to/from our arbitration bond wallet. There is no deposit fee, and the withdrawal fee is very close to the fee you’d be paying on a normal transaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What payment methods can I use to buy Bitcoin on AgoraDesk?

You can use your favorite online payment method such as PayPal, credit/debit card, bank transfer, gift cards, Venmo, or any other method. You can also buy Bitcoin with cash locally or even by mail.

Is AgoraDesk safe for trading Bitcoin?

Yes, AgoraDesk is committed to safe and smooth trading. All trades are protected by an arbitration bond, and the platform fully supports face-to-face cash trades. The platform has also operated for over four years and is trusted by the cryptocurrency community.

Do I need to provide ID verification or KYC/AML on AgoraDesk?

No, AgoraDesk does not employ KYC/AML or require ID verification. The platform is committed to maintaining simplicity and straight-forwardness for its users.

Is AgoraDesk open source and privacy-centric?

Yes, AgoraDesk is free and open source, ensuring that the app's code is secure and there are no privacy leaks. The platform also values user privacy and does not require an email when registering.

Does AgoraDesk have good customer support?

Yes, AgoraDesk has a fast and responsive support team that is always eager to please. Support tickets are always answered within 24 hours, and the team is easily reachable through social media.
Has worked almost flawlessly. Sometimes the paid button is difficult to find but that's about it
Joey Brady
Superrrrr, best p2p exchange
Roland Perli