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About Margex – Up to 100x Leverage

Margex is your reliable way to trade digital assets with up to 100x Leverage. Margex offers a broad range of powerful tools to harness your trading skills and boost profits.

Margex combines the very best of digital assets and bank-grade security standards. Our users' funds are fully protected, 100% of the assets are stored in cold offline wallets.

User-friendly interface
Our high-class interface is recognised as one of the best when it comes to digital assets trading: «Margex has created a quality platform for trading digital assets derivatives. We were most impressed by the exchange’s design and overall user experience, which is truly first-class.» by Emma Avon (

Transparency in every position
All information is at your disposal. From order submission to order execution - you are in complete control: Quantity, Margin, Current Price, EST Liq. Price, Take Profit / Stop Loss, Commission, Funding, PnL, ROE. Everything is under your control and any changes are executed in milliseconds.

Protecting our clients from price manipulation
MP Shield™ is a unique AI-based development, combining data from 12+ liquidity providers, and monitoring the feed for irregularities in order to protect our users from the price manipulation that often causes unfair liquidations on other trading platforms.

Download Margex – Trade digital assets with Up to 100x. Trade digital assets with up to 100x Leverage in your pocket.

Unlock the power of digital asset trading

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Margex?

Margex is a platform that allows users to trade digital assets with up to 100x leverage.

How does Margex ensure security for user funds?

Margex stores 100% of user funds in cold offline wallets, combining digital asset security with bank-grade security standards.

What is the user interface like on Margex?

Margex offers a user-friendly interface that has been recognized as one of the best in digital asset trading.

Can users have transparency in their trading positions on Margex?

Yes, Margex provides complete transparency in every position, giving users control over quantity, margin, current price, liquidation price, take profit/stop loss, commission, funding, profit and loss, and return on equity.

How does Margex protect users from price manipulation?

Margex utilizes MP Shield™, an AI-based development that combines data from multiple liquidity providers to monitor the feed for irregularities and protect users from price manipulation.

How can I trade digital assets with Margex?

You can trade digital assets with up to 100x leverage on Margex by downloading their mobile app.