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About DoFasting - Intermittent Fasting & Healthy Diet

Welcome to DoFasting, a game-changing approach to the worldwide-known methods of Intermittent Fasting! Combine all of its benefits in one, easy-to-use app!
DoFasting will guide you through your daily fasting schedule, serve as a fitness trainer, keep you motivated, and offer useful tips as well as diet and workout tricks.

Get access to healthy meal recommendations that are created by professional nutritionists. Our goal is to ensure that you stick to your calorie intake with our calorie counter and practice fasting to improve your health to abate the effects of a stressful lifestyle.

To boost your chances of successful weight loss, our fitness and health professionals also prepared a list of exercises that you can do anywhere and anytime.

CHALLENGE MODE: Challenge yourself to 7, 14, or 28 days of intermittent fasting!
- Get professional fasting guidance and practical tips
- Test your willpower & set the calorie counter
- Form stronger, healthier habits with our diet planner
- Start fasting the safest, easiest way

WATER TRACKER: Stay properly hydrated at all times! Set daily goals and track your water intake to help your health!

FASTING TRACKER: Explore the various fasting types and discover which of them fits YOUR lifestyle.
- Adjust your fasting type & schedule anytime
- Set up your own intermittent fasting pattern and turn it into a lifestyle with our calorie planner estimations!

MEAL RECIPES TO LOSE WEIGHT: Select and save your favorite meals, keep up with your recommended calorie intake that is set by our calorie counter, and make your diet even more effective.
- Access the whole healthy meal data base at once
- Select and save your favorite food. Stop food cravings and start the body planner experience!
- Stick to your recommended calorie intake with our calorie counter
- Enjoy delicious diet food that is chosen by experienced health professionals and nutritionists. Get into the habit of healthy eating and intermittent fasting!
- Speed up your weight loss & health progress is a personal challenge that you are capable of achieving!

FITNESS & WORKOUTS CHALLENGE: Set up your workout schedule, choose a fitness cardio level, and lose weight without spending money on the gym. DoFasting features professionally visualized training routines – warmups, workouts planner, and cardio stretching guides.
- Set up your sport workout plan with a recommended calorie intake
- Choose your body fitness level
- Complete healthy and professional training as well as exercise routines for getting fit
- Gain lean muscles and boost your intermittent fasting results, depending on the target weight loss you want, even better than in a gym!

ARTICLES: Freshly-published food and nutrition articles with scientific research to help you practice intermittent fasting the educated way with health and fitness professionals.
- Newly-published articles on intermittent fasting
- Access to the newest scientific research about body change, nutrition and eating habits
- Tips on how to practice intermittent fasting following the healthy daily diet planner

WEIGHT TRACKER PROGRAM: Start tracking your fitness workout and weight loss progress from the very first day of fasting. Get fit without the need of a gym!

INTERMITTENT FASTING TYPES: You are free to choose from various fasting types: from beginner-friendly fasts to something more advanced - 16-hour fast or 20:4 (the warrior diet). Use our food calorie counter as a health planner to get fit!

DAILY MOTIVATION BOOSTS: Changing your eating and health habits might seem challenging at first. So, in order to make your experience as smooth as possible, we’ll be offering daily motivation boosts and useful fitness and intermittent fasting tips to reduce your dietary uncertainty to zero! Stick to our calorie planner to lose weight and fat calories by fasting with a healthy diet!

Instagram: @dofastingapp

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is DoFasting?

DoFasting is an app that combines the benefits of intermittent fasting with a healthy diet and provides guidance, motivation, and tips to help users improve their health and lose weight.

What does DoFasting offer?

DoFasting offers a fasting schedule, fitness training, meal recommendations created by nutritionists, a calorie counter, workout tricks, a water tracker, a fasting tracker with various fasting types, meal recipes to lose weight, workout challenges, articles on intermittent fasting, a weight tracker program, daily motivation boosts, and useful tips.

How can DoFasting help with weight loss?

DoFasting provides meal recommendations, a calorie counter, and workout challenges to help users stick to their recommended calorie intake, lose weight, and improve their health.

What are the different fasting types offered by DoFasting?

DoFasting offers various fasting types, including beginner-friendly fasts, a 16-hour fast, and the warrior diet (20:4), allowing users to choose the fasting type that fits their lifestyle.

How can DoFasting help with fitness and workouts?

DoFasting offers professionally visualized training routines, including warmups, workouts planner, and cardio stretching guides, allowing users to set up their workout schedule and lose weight without going to the gym.

How can I track my weight loss progress with DoFasting?

DoFasting provides a weight tracker program that allows users to track their fitness workout and weight loss progress from the very first day of fasting.

How can DoFasting provide daily motivation boosts?

DoFasting offers daily motivation boosts and useful fitness and intermittent fasting tips to reduce users' dietary uncertainty and make their experience smoother.

Where can I find DoFasting on social media?

DoFasting can be found on Facebook at, on the web at, on Instagram at @dofastingapp, and on Twitter at
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