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About Fantastic Beasts' Legend

[Fantastic Beasts]
A variety of fantastic beasts broke through the ancient seal and entered this world. Capture them,summon your exclusive beast and embark on the journey of conquering the wilderness!

[Free 30x Draws, Rich Benefits]
At the very beginning, get 30 free draws to earn 5-star limited beasts! The overpowerful lineup of beasts in the early game will help you defeat enemies and clear stages fast!

[Vertical Idle Game - One-handed Operation]
Real-time auto-battle mode for you to play with one hand to level up and defeat enemies. In 3 minutes you will get started, and in 5 minutes you will love it! A true autoplay game to level up with ease!

[Clan - Conquer the World of Beasts]
Team up with your clan members to conquer the fantasy world. Here you will feel the thrilling of PVP, and awe the world!

[Holes System - Stargazing & Artifact, Power-Up]
It is a place for you to cultivate, where you can greatly increase your strength through Artifacts, Stargazing, Echo Array, and Otherworld Mountainsea!

[100x Drop Rate for Beasts and Artifacts]
Get top artifacts and gear from the field, and receive tons of autoplay rewards. In the game, you will enjoy a super high drop rate and earn rewards that will flood your inventory.

CS: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Fantastic Beasts?

Fantastic Beasts is a game where players can capture and summon various fantastic beasts to embark on a journey of conquering the wilderness.

How can I get limited beasts in the game?

At the beginning of the game, you will receive 30 free draws, allowing you to earn 5-star limited beasts.

Is the game easy to play?

Yes, the game has a one-handed operation mode, allowing players to play with ease. It also features a real-time auto-battle mode for leveling up and defeating enemies.

Can I team up with others in the game?

Yes, you can form clans and team up with your clan members to conquer the fantasy world. You can experience thrilling PVP battles and awe the world.

How can I increase my strength in the game?

The game features a Holes System where you can cultivate and increase your strength through various methods such as Artifacts, Stargazing, Echo Array, and Otherworld Mountainsea.

Can I earn rewards easily in the game?

Yes, the game offers a 100x drop rate for beasts and artifacts, allowing you to obtain top artifacts and gear from the field. You will also receive tons of autoplay rewards, flooding your inventory with rewards.

Is there a Facebook page for Fantastic Beasts?

Yes, you can visit the Facebook page at

How can I contact customer support?

You can contact customer support by emailing [email protected].
Clive Monte s maria
I vry like this game😄
An Hakimi
Great game and very entertaining game and good story of the game and monsters
colin rey mat-an
ronald garciano
Zaw Thun Naing
Nice game
nep nepz