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About Grimvalor

Slash your way through the hordes of darkness and defeat King Valor's fearsome guardians in this breathtaking RPG adventure!

Play the first act for free! A single purchase unlocks the full premium game. ★

(The free first act has 1-2+ hours of gameplay, which you can replay as many times as you want. Unlocking the full game allows you to continue further and experience all five acts.)

"Chaining together a slick series of attacks, dodges, and jumps, is incredibly satisfying." — PocketGamer

A malicious power stirs in the forgotten kingdom of Vallaris. Tasked with discovering the fate of its lost king, your quest quickly takes a sinister turn and you are cast into darkness. Surrounded and outnumbered, you must grab your sword, steel your temper and fight your way through a land that does not welcome you. Except for the friendly merchant - he's grateful for your business.

Grimvalor is a challenging hack & slash platformer with fast-paced combat in a dark fantasy world. Take control of a lone warrior on a quest to restore a corrupted realm. Embark on a journey through atmospheric landscapes and dungeons in a massive story-driven premium experience.

Master skill-based combat, learn enemy patterns and bring them down with all your fury. Explore the shattered lands of Vallaris, find and upgrade equipment and level up your character. Face the legacy of King Valor's madness and prevail!

☆ Supports Android Game Controllers
☆ Accurate and customizable touch controls
☆ Epic boss fights
☆ Stunning 3D visuals optimized for a variety of Android devices
☆ Uses Play Saved Games to keep your saves in sync between devices
☆ Play offline - perfect for commute

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Grimvalor?

Grimvalor is a challenging hack & slash platformer RPG adventure game.

How much gameplay is available for free?

The first act of Grimvalor is available for free and has 1-2+ hours of gameplay.

Can I replay the free first act multiple times?

Yes, you can replay the free first act as many times as you want.

How can I unlock the full game?

You can unlock the full game by making a single purchase.

What is the gameplay like in Grimvalor?

Grimvalor features fast-paced combat, skill-based combat, and exploration in a dark fantasy world.

Is Grimvalor available on Android devices?

Yes, Grimvalor is available on Android devices.

Are there boss fights in Grimvalor?

Yes, Grimvalor features epic boss fights.

Can I play Grimvalor offline?

Yes, Grimvalor can be played offline, making it perfect for commuting.

Can I use a Game Controller to play Grimvalor on Android?

Yes, Grimvalor supports Android Game Controllers.

Are the visuals in Grimvalor impressive?

Yes, Grimvalor features stunning 3D visuals optimized for a variety of Android devices.
This game is a nice challenge and fun to play
Edward Haynes
Great game 👍
david gomez
An amazing game one of the most enjoying game i ever played. Still on my phone because I think buying its full version will be worth it 👍👌
Ezeckiel Paran
moh bss
Classic game, brought me back to my teens, Act 1 is free defo give try
Lloyd Bevis
Nice game please make some more
Vince Marquez