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About Endurance: dead space (Premium)

Searching for new 2d games with interesting and engaging story? Or are you looking for breakneck immersive battles in dungeon crawler setting? Or maybe your aim is to find something with roguelike game and rpg elements at the same time? If so, then Endurance is best choice for you!

Let me tell you what Endurance is about:
Endurance – is a prequel of Ailment (another top down sci fi action shooting 2d game with the story telling setting, which got some nominations and awards in 2019, such as Best indie game and became twice Game of the Day).

Endurance will tell you the story which happened before events in Ailment (you don’t have to play Ailment before). You’re a researcher on a spaceship called Endurance, and one day your space team, your friends get infected and become insane and start acting like zombies.
"There's an infection among us, that turns them into hostiles!" - says one of your space team mates. So your goal is to survive on this spacecraft and find out what happened to the crew, how this disease or infection spread out around this spaceship Endurance, and also rescue your space team friends that get into a trouble and not let them get this disease. You’ll be fighting with your former space team, colleagues and friends, to prevent the spaceship’s doom, and you’ll be trying to survive this bullet hell nightmare using tones of guns.

Endurance has sci fi doom ambience and old school retro vibes as it is pixel art 2d game as well as it’s indie game. It also has horror elements and sometimes scary atmosphere, which makes the story more engaging. You definitely going to like it going through this path of adventure. Even though you’re on a spacecraft you still get those hardcore dungeon crawler elements as the levels are built in the dungeon like style.
This adventure shooting game is full of references to some sci fi movies as well.

In this 2d game and prequel of Ailment, you’ll be among your space team - liveable and talkative characters, their funny jokes and good humour that break a bit this horror and dark ambience to make you relax and get ready to get into action in next hardcore doom like battles with infected enemies.

There’s a huge arsenal of guns that you can use to defeat you’re the whole army of these infected zombie like enemies with your space team NPCs, to survive and discover the whole story of disease, and how this infection appeared on this spaceship and among us, all of the crew members.

To keep you engaged until the very end this adventure 2d game has good variety of levels with cool mechanics such as: tower defence style, runner style, action shooting style, quest style. Endurance has doom like atmosphere

And now just to sum up all the great feature of Endurance:
* Tons of different weapon
* Variable game-play mechanics
* Brutal animations
* Atmospheric music and sound effects
* Ability to bring NPCs with you
* Liveable and talkative characters
* Good humour
* Hardcore gameplay
* Intriguing story
* Super simple controls
* Hardcore boss fights
* Adventure like plot

Endurance doesn’t require internet connection (totally offline), so you can play anywhere: in a bed, at home, on a plane, in a bus, in metro, in any transport!

So If you’re a choosing among thousands of action games and you're hardcore player and a huge fan of games like doom, enter the gungeon, spaceship 2d games, indie games, RPG, 90s retro games, dungeon crawler, action shooter or adventure games with roguelike elements, survival games, you need to stop doing whatever you’re doing, download and play Endurance right now! And you’ll have amazing hours of gameplay engaged with this cool story and it’s twists!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Endurance?

Endurance is a 2D game with an interesting and engaging story. It offers breakneck immersive battles in a dungeon crawler setting and includes roguelike game and RPG elements.

Is Endurance related to another game?

Yes, Endurance is a prequel of Ailment, which is another top-down sci-fi action shooting 2D game with a storytelling setting.

What is the plot of Endurance?

In Endurance, you play as a researcher on a spaceship called Endurance. Your space team gets infected and turns into insane zombies. Your goal is to survive, find out what happened to the crew, and rescue your friends from the infection.

Can I play Endurance without playing Ailment?

Yes, you don't have to play Ailment before playing Endurance.

What is the setting of Endurance?

Endurance has a sci-fi doom ambiance with old school retro vibes. It is a pixel art 2D game and includes horror elements and a scary atmosphere. The levels are built in a dungeon-like style.

Who are the characters in Endurance?

In Endurance, you'll interact with your space team, which includes livable and talkative characters. They bring humor to the game and help break the horror and dark ambiance.

What weapons are available in Endurance?

Endurance offers a huge arsenal of guns that you can use to defeat the infected enemies. You can also team up with your space team NPCs to fight against the infected.

What types of levels are in Endurance?

Endurance offers a variety of levels with different mechanics, including tower defense style, runner style, action shooting style, and quest style. The game has a doom-like atmosphere.

What are the features of Endurance?

Some of the features of Endurance include tons of different weapons, variable gameplay mechanics, brutal animations, atmospheric music and sound effects, the ability to bring NPCs with you, livable and talkative characters, good humor, hardcore gameplay, an intriguing story, super simple controls, hardcore boss fights, and an adventure-like plot.

Can I play Endurance offline?

Yes, Endurance doesn't require an internet connection and can be played offline, allowing you to play anywhere you want.

What type of players would enjoy Endurance?

Endurance is recommended for hardcore players and fans of games like Doom, Enter the Gungeon, spaceship 2D games, indie games, RPGs, 90s retro games, dungeon crawlers, action shooters, adventure games with roguelike elements, and survival games.
I like it!
Jo g.
A fantastic premium game a lot of fun. I play with my Dualshock 4 controller.
Thomas Collins
Please add an option to stay at the current level. I would like to explore all levels to 100% but when I encounter the door, I drop to the next level without any warning.
Sergii Pylypenko
Really well made
Uriel Ramirez
Just a great overall game
angel Santiago
Solid game without ads, without mini-purchases and junk. Just good fun!
Caleb Turk