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About Major Mayhem 2 - Gun Shooting Action

Guns, grenades, free and fun shooting action! Download free, the world’s greatest mobile action arcade cover shooting game and now play completely offline with no internet!

Major Mayhem 2 is fast, fun, action packed, visually stunning and easy to play. Aim and shoot massive guns in a shooting game jam-packed with missions full of enemies and entertainment. Best of all It's free to play! Save the free world and your love life from the forces of evil!

- New - Daily Survival Challenge Mode with online leaderboards and prizes.
- New - Offline mode. Play anywhere, anytime.
- Hundreds of enemies to shoot!
- Dozens of hostages to save!
- Colourful, fun, HD graphics with great animation.
- Great music that elevates the action and mayhem.
- Adventure through 50 hand crafted levels of non-stop action!
- 5 Big Boss Fights!
- 150 mini mission objectives to complete!
- Light hearted storyline with a dash of humour.
- Unlock and upgrade 20 guns!
● Pistols
● Rifles
● Sniper Rifles
● Shotguns
● Bazookas
● and much more
- 7 unique gun types each with their own gameplay style.
- Prove yourself by earning the 150 mission medals.
- Simple to play but hard to master shooting game mechanics.
- Chickens!
- Win spectacular free rewards!
- Everything in the game can be earned absolutely free!

Fun, arcade action gameplay will keep you coming back for more. Shoot guns, dodge bullets, rescue hostages, travel around the world, to the moon and save the world! Unlock and upgrade all sorts of guns and unleash Major Mayhem!

● New: Mission objectives are here! 150 mini mission objectives for you to complete and earn free rewards.

● Survival Mode! Play the daily Survival Mode challenge and compete on the daily Survival Mode Leaderboard to win awesome prizes!

● Offline Mode: Play completely offline! Play one the plane, on the bus, on the subway, anywhere! Open reward cases and earn energy without connecting to the internet.

● Take control in the best mobile cover arcade action shooter! The free world needs your help! Be the ultimate action hero! Anyone can play this game with its simple tap to aim and shoot controls. But not everyone can master it and save the free world, are you a hero? Prove it! Download Major Mayhem 2 for free now.

● New in Major Mayhem 2, sniper rifles with sniper scopes that actually work. Hit those targets from afar with these elite and powerful new guns.

● Complete the epic action adventure by defeating those evil villains! Take on the mercenaries of evil villains corporation armed with guns such as pistols, rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenades, bazookas and tank on the challenge of tanks, attack helicopters, submarines and 5 massive boss battles you won’t forget!

● Collect all the mission stars. Chain together amazing damage combos to earn stars and rewards. Are you good enough to earn them all? There are 150 mission stars to collect and 50 action packed unique missions to master.

● Travel around the world and to the moon in 5 completely unique chapters. Each chapter is set in a unique environment full of vivid and beautiful HD graphics and animation.

● Listen to the sounds of war in the jungle or the songs of battle in space! Each level has an amazing sound scape and music track you'll enjoy. Get pumped up, load those guns and let the bullets fly to the beat!

Major Mayhem 2 is still being actively developed. We will be adding more missions, challenges and game modes, guns, power ups, costumes, characters and other goodies for you to enjoy. Give us your feedback and suggestions and together we can make Major Mayhem 2 one of the greatest mobile gun shooters out there!

What are you waiting for? Download Major Mayhem 2!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Major Mayhem 2?

Major Mayhem 2 is a mobile action arcade cover shooting game that offers fast, fun, and visually stunning gameplay. It can be played offline and features a variety of guns, missions, enemies, and entertainment.

What are the features of Major Mayhem 2?

The features of Major Mayhem 2 include daily survival challenge mode with online leaderboards and prizes, offline mode, hundreds of enemies to shoot, dozens of hostages to save, colorful HD graphics with great animation, great music, adventure through 50 handcrafted levels, 5 big boss fights, 150 mini mission objectives, a lighthearted storyline with humor, unlock and upgrade 20 guns, 7 unique gun types each with their own gameplay style, simple to play but hard to master shooting mechanics, the ability to earn rewards, and everything in the game can be earned absolutely free.

How can I play Major Mayhem 2 offline?

Major Mayhem 2 can be played completely offline. You can play it on the plane, bus, subway, or anywhere without the need for an internet connection. You can also open reward cases and earn energy without connecting to the internet.

What new features have been added to Major Mayhem 2?

Major Mayhem 2 has added mission objectives, daily survival mode challenge with leaderboard competition, and sniper rifles with working sniper scopes.

How can I earn rewards in Major Mayhem 2?

You can earn rewards in Major Mayhem 2 by completing mini mission objectives, playing the daily survival mode challenge, and collecting mission stars by completing action-packed unique missions.

Are there plans for further development of Major Mayhem 2?

Yes, Major Mayhem 2 is still actively being developed. The developers plan to add more missions, challenges, game modes, guns, power-ups, costumes, characters, and other goodies based on user feedback and suggestions.

Is Major Mayhem 2 a free game?

Yes, Major Mayhem 2 is free to play. Everything in the game can be earned without any cost.
Action game and very cool l love it and you can open guns install now free
Mero the Gamer
khraw n marak khraw n marak
Top game
Kamal Indika
It i s really fun
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Back to old days
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