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About Zolve | Apply For U.S. Account, Credit Card & More

The Zolve financial app enables individuals moving to the U.S. to apply for a U.S. Bank Account and Credit Card. Tailored to help individuals like you achieve your global ambitions, we give you the power to do more from Day 1.

Bid Goodbye To Last-Minute Hassles | Say Hello To Zolve

We understand the challenges you face when moving to a new country and offer you the U.S. Credit Card and Account you deserve. We firmly believe that access to money should be the least of your worries when you traverse borders to fulfill your dreams. Our cross-border capabilities enable you to be financially free and pursue your ambitions.

With minimum documentation, you can sign up with Zolve in as little as 5 minutes. You can apply for the U.S. Credit card and a U.S. Account online with your home country documents - No SSN required.

Use the Zolve app to make payments, check your Bank Account balance, recent transactions, send money to your home country.
Zolve | Your ally in your journey towards Financial Freedom

Opening a US bank account and credit card comes at a premium, especially for immigrants owing to the lack of US credit history. Subsequently, you end up with high-interest rate loans, high insurance premiums, and paying high-security deposits. This is why we have re-engineered and simplified the process in such a way that when you land in the USA, you can focus on your American dreams, worry-free.

We trust when others don’t. We know you are new to America, this is why your passport, visa, and basic personal information are enough to get you started.

Zolve Credit Card | The Edge You Deserve When You Land

We believe that access to credit should not just be limited to a few, we want to democratize it. To provide you access to credit in the U.S., we take into consideration - your financial history in your home country, education details, and other factors.

Perks of having a Zolve Credit Card:

✓ No annual fees
✓ 0% APR for 6 months (introductory offer; 14.99% after 6 months)
✓ No foreign exchange fees
✓ No SSN
✓ No U.S. credit history required

Zolve U.S. Account | An Account You Can Truly Bank Upon

Apply for a U.S. Account online from your home country and operate when you arrive in the U.S. Set up your account completely online with no necessity of entering a physical bank.

Perks of having a U.S. Account with Zolve

✓ No minimum balance required
✓ No monthly account fees
✓ No SSN required
✓ Your money is safe with us: FDIC Insured up to $250,000
✓ Completely online signup

Download Zolve App, curated specifically to address all your U.S. financial needs, from U.S. bank account opening, bank account balance check, view transaction history, transferring money, payment reminders, auto-pay bills, managing and tracking your monthly spends and more.

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