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About Soul Hunters

Welcome to a world of Holy Paladins, Deadly Dragons, Evil Wizards and over 50 other playable heroes! Conquer kingdoms lost to a mysterious curse, and find a new adventure around every corner. Create and lead your party of legendary Heroes into battle!
Join the 80 million players already experiencing this unique Action-Strategic RPG!
- Choose from over 50 Heroes, from Stone Collossus to Ice Dragon, Sun Goddess to Wolf Child.
- Strategically build your party with Tanks, DPS and Support Heroes. Form Your Own MOBA Party!
- Collect Soulstones scattered throughout the world to upgrade your Heroes into an unstoppable force.

Create the perfectly balanced party to overcome the most powerful foes and legions.
Master your Heroes’ abilities to protect your allies, interrupt your opponents’ attacks, or deal massive damage.
-Challenge players from all over the world and become Master of the Arena.
-Advance to the Epic Arena and earn the title of Elite Soul Hunter.
-Create or Join a Guild,participate in raids, and earn exclusive rewards! Clash with other Guilds in the weekly Guild Wars! 

-A dark curse has been cast upon the kingdoms and it’s up to YOU to Unite the Heroes and Break the Curse!
-Real-time combat with captivating visual effects and extremely deep strategic gameplay.
-Explore mysterious and magical lands to find and collect new Heroes in a captivating campaign.

Twitter @HuntersGlobal
Instagram #soulhunters
If you encounter any difficulties or require support please contact Customer Service by tapping on your in-game Avatar and then Support.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How many playable heroes are there in Soul Hunters?

There are over 50 playable heroes in Soul Hunters.

Can I strategically build my party with different types of heroes?

Yes, you can strategically build your party with tanks, DPS, and support heroes.

How can I upgrade my heroes in Soul Hunters?

You can collect Soulstones scattered throughout the world to upgrade your heroes.

How can I master the tactics and perfect my strategy in Soul Hunters?

You can master your heroes' abilities to protect your allies, interrupt your opponents' attacks, or deal massive damage.

Can I challenge players from all over the world in Soul Hunters?

Yes, you can challenge players from all over the world in Soul Hunters and become the Master of the Arena.

Is there a guild system in Soul Hunters?

Yes, you can create or join a guild, participate in raids, and earn exclusive rewards. Clash with other Guilds in the weekly Guild Wars.

What is the objective of the game Soul Hunters?

The objective of Soul Hunters is to unite the heroes and break the curse cast upon the kingdoms.

Does Soul Hunters have real-time combat?

Yes, Soul Hunters features real-time combat with captivating visual effects and extremely deep strategic gameplay.

Can I explore mysterious and magical lands in Soul Hunters?

Yes, you can explore mysterious and magical lands to find and collect new heroes in a captivating campaign.

Where can I find support for Soul Hunters?

If you encounter any difficulties or require support, you can contact Customer Service by tapping on your in-game Avatar and then Support.
Really good but my brother uninstalled it and I'm re-downloding it right now but otherwise good job Lilith games
Seth Brown
super game!
adina ALiONTE mateescu
This game is fun to play
Akeel McMillan
Such a great game not pay to win if you grind reallt hard you can get the characters and items you need but you can still pay if you are inpatient or want a little bonuses
Braden Ferreira
Good job
Christopher Murray