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About Undercover Girlfriend


As a veteran private investigator working in New York City, you’re used to cases having their own ups and downs, but things start to go really south when a beautiful woman randomly shows up outside your office.

This isn’t your typical investigation—there’s something else brewing, and before you know it, you’re staring into the eyes of an assassin sent to put a stop to your investigation! Can you get to the bottom of this web of crime before it’s too late?


Lana — The Frenzied Beauty

Lana’s a go-getter who dives headfirst into problems, but that also puts her in a lot of danger. She’s searching for her missing sister and is willing to risk it all to find her… When things get rough, will you be the one she turns to or will you leave her out in the cold?

Claire — Your Headstrong Colleague

Claire is your voice of reason, the ying to your yang, but she will never pass up a chance to tease you with her girlish charms. You two have been together forever, but it’s obvious that Claire wants something more. Are you willing to take things further or will she forever be your sidekick?

Hazel — The Cold-Eyed Assassin

Sent to take your team out, Hazel is a mysterious assassin who shows no mercy. It seems like no matter where you go, she knows where you are. You start to wonder if she’s really after your life… or something else? Can you warm her icy heart or will she be your downfall?

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Undercover Girlfriend about?

Undercover Girlfriend is a game about a private investigator who gets caught up in a dangerous web of crime while investigating a missing person case. The story revolves around the protagonist and three main characters - Lana, Claire, and Hazel.

Who is Lana in Undercover Girlfriend?

Lana is one of the main characters in Undercover Girlfriend. She is a go-getter who is searching for her missing sister and is willing to take risks to find her. The protagonist has the option to support her or leave her out in the cold.

Who is Claire in Undercover Girlfriend?

Claire is the protagonist's headstrong colleague and the voice of reason in the game. She has a flirty personality and has been with the protagonist for a long time. The player can choose to take things further with her or keep her as a sidekick.

Who is Hazel in Undercover Girlfriend?

Hazel is a mysterious assassin who is sent to take out the protagonist and his team. She shows no mercy and seems to know their every move. The player can choose to try to warm her icy heart or see her as their downfall.
Beautiful as always and first rate beautiful
wow this cop one was even better should be a part 2 goign after KLF PLEASE ?
d cistis
More badass female characters
Mritunjay singh
Plsss do that we are a vampire or demon umm plss do season 2 for my vampire girlfriend that we are the vampire and we gonn protect them ?
akira gacha girl
It was amazing, But may I ask if you could do a lupin one. I just feel like you guys could make a amazing one
Phantom Aoi
The assassin appears to be a modern style assassin
Denon Warrior