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About Girlfriends with Benefits


You wanted a normal college life—instead, you're trapped at a host club, working to pay off a mountainous debt. Your days consist of nothing but serving drinks and listening to women complain about their husbands, until one night, a girl walks in—a girl who seems genuinely interested in you!

It must be your lucky night, but then you get berated by the new female bartender and spotted by a classmate from school!

Will you ever be able to pay off this debt and find true love?


Kanon — The Pretty Girl with a Secret

Outwardly shy and closed off, Kanon is a mystery. She has a cute face, but behind the beauty, there’s something oddly familiar about her. There is clearly chemistry between you and the closer you get, the more she opens up. She’s a happy girl who just needs a friend… Or maybe something more?

Melissa — The Cool and Calm Tsundere

Melissa is not the type to get sappy. You catch her eye when she sees you working hard, but you’ll need more than elbow grease to catch her heart.

At first she seems uninterested, but your gentlemanly charm and honest work ethic soon captures her attention. Will you acknowledge her feelings before your chance with her slips away?

Yua — The Diligent Student with a Gentle Smile

Yua is top of her class and a model student. She studies hard and gets good grades, but behind that success lies a troubled heart.

She just broke up with her boyfriend and now he’s stalking her!

The solution to her problem seems simple, pretend to be her boyfriend! Just make sure you don’t accidentally fall in love…

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It was amaxing the story was wonderful,the character designs were great i had no issues it was a great game.
This one is great since the setting is different than the other ones I have played from them. The characters were great and the story is one of their best and the art is also cool. The main character is also...
Patrick Clark
Amazing przeżycie, szkoda there is no sex. But overall game is super zajebista