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About Performing Arts Club

Can you find love in this group of awkward performers?


The circus is in town! Or more like, the performing arts club is here and you’ve been dragged into it! Souin High School’s smallest club is on the brink of disbandment and you’ve been roped into helping them gather more members.

There’s never a dull moment when you’re with these passionate performers. Get whipped into shape as you juggle your new club responsibilities with the affections of its members.

Can you really save the circus?


Eri — The Enthusiastic Ringleader

The tenacious leader of the troupe, Eri works day and night perfecting her skills. There’s no way she’s going to let it all slip away without a fight!

If you play your cards right, maybe she’ll let you perform some tricks with her…

Himawari — The Nimble Acrobat

Active and playful, Himawari can never sit still. She’s an energetic prankster with an eye for the unusual. She’s very skilled, but you worry she might be trying to do too much on her own.

Will you be her safety net in case she falls?

Saran — The Quirky Animal Tamer

It’s not every day that you run into a girl with a whip, but despite her daunting looks, Saran’s infectious positivity draws you in. A true animal lover, Saran has a special connection with all her furry friends… It’s the humans in her class she struggles with.

Can you help her connect with her classmates the same way she does with animals?

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This sick game keep up a good work genius 👍
Toyee Mamon
brandi Snook
Good Game
Bootiful story
Unforgiving Bff
Really good amazing writing nice build up and I hope they will do more like this I really enjoyed this one so thank you
Michael Jacobs
It's a really good game and I really enjoyed it😊😊. But I would like second season in this game 😊
Kaustuv Baishya