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About My Angel Girlfriend: Anime Moe Dating Sim


Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan!

You’re just a typical high school student. You’ve got good friends. You’ve got good grades. Everything in your life is going well. But you can’t help but feel empty. Surely there’s got to be more to life than this? If you only had a sign! Well, your prayers are answered when you encounter a stunning girl mysteriously standing in the middle of the street. She tells you that she’s looking for an angel… You immediately realize that this girl is delusional and that this isn’t the kind of change you were looking for in your life. You head home. So much for that.

Suddenly, you hear someone tapping on your window. It’s that girl from before… But HOLY COW! She’s got beautiful angel wings and is flying outside your window! She’s actually a real angel! Now that she’s got your attention, she explains that she needs help finding her sister, a fallen angel. Not having a clue as to what on earth or heaven is going on, you agree to let her stay with you, only to wake up the next morning to find yet another gorgeous angel in your room. If there is a God, he must really like you!

Before you know it, the two angel girls have joined your school, and you’re helping them look for this ”fallen angel.” But, you soon learn that angels aren’t the only unearthly beings hiding in your school. Powerful devils looking to cause trouble are lurking about too! Can you help these two angel beauties save this fallen angel and foil the devils’ plot before all hell breaks loose? Don’t wait for a sign from heaven. Find out in My Angel Girlfriend!


Mai is the first angel you encounter. She’s cute and well-meaning but has a lot to learn when it comes to normal human behavior. This can lead to some “interesting” situations. She cares deeply for her sister Meg, an angel banished to earth. She’ll stop at nothing to bring her home, but is that Meg really wants?

Reina comes to earth to help Mai find Meg. Apparently Mai said it was okay for Reina to stay at your house. Well, at least, she is more familiar with human customs. Reina is an intelligent peacemaker with a playful side. Not only can she diffuse any situation with her words, but she can also use her AESP (Angelic Extrasensory Perception) to turn things in her favor. Will her powers be enough to take on the devils in the school?

Meg is Mai’s sister. She’s stubborn but kindhearted. Desiring to help humanity, she was banished from the angelic realm by the Archangel for meddling in earthly affairs. Meg has grown accustomed to life on earth, having grown bored of the strict lifestyle back home anyway. She doesn’t seem thrilled to hear that Mai wants to take her back to Heaven. But will the Archangel actually let her come back?

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