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About Time Only Knows: Anime Mystery Suspense Game

You’ve lost your memories and three beautiful girls named “Chirol Saotome” have shown up before you all claiming to be your girlfriend!
Who are they and what could they be after?!

Find out in this brand-new exciting and suspenseful romance from Genius Studio Japan!


You’ve been brought into the hospital after you supposedly tried to take your own life. Looks like you're going to be okay physically, but you’re suffering from amnesia. You don’t know who you are and you have no idea why you would’ve attempted to take your own life. Doctor Keiko, who’s in charge of you, has performed a special treatment on you. With this, you’ll regain your memories over a period of time - 50% in 1 hour, 95% in 2 hours, and a full recovery after 3 hours.

You’re happy to hear this, but Doctor Keiko says that it’s not all smooth sailing. Three girls that claim to be your girlfriend all named “Chirol Saotome” have shown up at the hospital. Obviously, two of them have got to be lying. But if they know you’re going to regain your memories in 3 hours, why would they make up such a story?

Confused, you decide to talk to the three Chirols to figure out what’s going on.

But just then, you receive a message on your phone…

“Don’t trust Chirol Saotome”


Chirol Saotome? (Cheerleader)

She’s one of the three girls that is claiming to be “Chirol Saotome.” She’s an energetic and positive high school student and a member of the cheerleading team. She claims that you started dating her three months ago when you were acting as her tutor.

Chirol Saotome? (Pigtails)
The second girl that claims to be “Chirol Saotome.”
She’s a little flirty and likes physical contact. She pretends to be an airhead but is actually a lot smarter than she seems. Like the cheerleader, she claims that you tutored her and dated because of that connection.

Chirol Saotome? (Black Hair)
The third “Chirol Saotome.”
A shy girl from a rich family that lives in a local mansion. She was a student at a prestigious private academy but stopped going after facing bullying. Just like the others, she also claims you were her tutor and began dating because of that.

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(You must play) Ok real talk this has to be my most favorite genius inc visual novel with happy endings and bad endings. It's just so interesting to read and the weird twists it has over every girl really ma...
Elias Alicea
Its so cool and I has a little nervous of this game because it's like Among us.And it's so nice,hope that soon they gonna update all the games...
Vince thurdy desierto
Nice game😊😊 Uhmm can you make the boy a vampire i mean us in another game when you make a new game plss😢😢
Suhana Shrestha
Is the game seriously this short? It ends in 2 bad ways so either that's the end or I'm missing something. It was good for her short it was, but idk, not one of my favorites.
Sunset Sandstorm
I really like chirol, after knowing her past I really feel bad for her if we talk about this game this game has best graphics and story
Gdhd Hfhf
Ever since i started playing this kind of game i liked it because of the quality and the story's it may not have action in it but it's still great i just could imagine what's it currently doing even though i...
Kenneth Dumantay