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About TrueMe: affirmations & quotes

Affirmation, motivation, relaxation, gratitude, self-care… It’s time to get better with TrueMe!

Everyone gets upset sometimes – failure, pressure, breaking up, health issues… but we believe there is always positivity hidden inside. With the affirmations and quotes in TrueMe, we remind you of how praiseworthy you can be time to time, and try to dig you out from your depressive or anxious emotions. No matter you are experiencing negative feelings or wishing to make some change in your life, you can find encouragement to feel better and carry on.

Also try making short videos of the quotes in TrueMe, and sharing them with your beloved ones or as IG stories to cheer your followers up. With our customizable background videos and fonts, it’s easy to make your inspirational videos unique and exclusive.

If you are in need of:

Stress & Anxiety Reduction
TrueMe helps you to calm down and sort out a healthier way to carry on
Personal Growth
You will find encouragement and inspirations to conquer your procrastination and fear
High-Quality Relationship
Find suggestions and encouragement for both gratitude for important ones and avoidance of wrong people
Better Self-Care
Try focusing on your own feelings and cultivating a good habit with TrueMe
Moving on / Letting Go
You may find some comfort here in TrueMe, and then start a new life step by step

Negative emotions and hard time are temporary, and actively looking for help is the crucial first step to overcome them and recover. We work on helping users diminish these feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, stress and unconfident through daily affirmations, positive quotes and manifestation. It would be a nice choice to calm down and get better with TrueMe.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is TrueMe?

TrueMe is an app that provides affirmations and quotes to help users with affirmation, motivation, relaxation, gratitude, and self-care.

How does TrueMe help with negative emotions?

TrueMe helps users by reminding them of their praiseworthiness and providing encouragement to feel better and carry on. It aims to dig users out from depressive or anxious emotions.

Can I share the quotes from TrueMe?

Yes, you can make short videos of the quotes in TrueMe and share them with your beloved ones or as IG stories to cheer your followers up.

What other benefits does TrueMe offer besides affirmations and quotes?

TrueMe also offers customizable background videos and fonts to make your inspirational videos unique and exclusive.

What areas does TrueMe focus on for personal development?

TrueMe focuses on stress and anxiety reduction, personal growth, high-quality relationships, better self-care, and moving on/letting go. It provides suggestions, encouragement, and inspirations in these areas.

How can TrueMe help in overcoming negative emotions?

TrueMe works on helping users diminish feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, stress, and lack of confidence through daily affirmations, positive quotes, and manifestation.

How does TrueMe encourage personal growth?

TrueMe provides encouragement and inspiration to conquer procrastination and fear, helping users in their personal growth journey.

Is seeking help important in overcoming negative emotions?

Yes, TrueMe emphasizes that actively seeking help is the crucial first step to overcome negative emotions and recover.