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About Planetarium VR

"Planetarium VR" is using gps and advanced sensor.
Only holding the device in the sky, you can see the constellations.

"Planetarium VR" supports "Cardboard".

"Planetarium VR" is equipped with a variety of options.
-view the starry sky in the waterside.
-Best in a dark place.

-stellar to be displayed more than 3000.
-using gps and advanced sensor.
-Display all of the stars and constellations, apply regardless of the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere.
-Display 88 kinds of constellations
-"Cardboard" supported.

"Planetarium VR" is equipped with a variety of options.

It appears constellation near the starry sky that looked up.

【Diurnal motion】
advance the time in 15-second intervals.

view the starry sky in the waterside.

Best in a dark place.

Using a GPS, calculate the starry sky and the constellation position of the current location.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is "Planetarium VR"?

"Planetarium VR" is a virtual reality application that allows you to see the constellations by simply holding the device in the sky. It uses GPS and advanced sensors.

What devices does "Planetarium VR" support?

"Planetarium VR" supports "Cardboard", which is a popular virtual reality platform.

What functions does "Planetarium VR" have?

"Planetarium VR" has the following functions:

What options are available in "Planetarium VR"?

"Planetarium VR" has a variety of options, including:
Pretty cool man
A Google user
Jonathan Lyda
Best and most accurate vr planetarium that I could find. Really user friendly now.
Gabriel Szalkowski
A Google user
A good app
Pradip Thakre
I like night sky
Nalani Jayawardhana