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About CoSpaces Edu

Create and explore VR and AR worlds with your students!

Adaptable to any subject and grade, CoSpaces Edu lets students build their own 3D creations, animate them with code and explore them in Virtual or Augmented Reality.

Creating with CoSpaces Edu develops 21st Century learning skills and digital literacy, enhances creativity and fosters collaboration in the classroom.

CoSpaces Edu is used in many subject areas from STEM and coding, to social sciences, languages, arts and makerspaces.

– Use the web app on a computer or tablet to build in 3D.
– Dive into your creations in VR with your mobile VR headset.
– Explore your creations in AR and on the MERGE Cube with the mobile app and a smartphone or tablet.

Learn more or get started:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is CoSpaces Edu?

CoSpaces Edu is a platform that allows students to create and explore VR and AR worlds.

How can CoSpaces Edu be used in the classroom?

CoSpaces Edu can be used in various subject areas such as STEM, coding, social sciences, languages, arts, and makerspaces to enhance learning and collaboration.

How can students use CoSpaces Edu?

Students can use CoSpaces Edu to build their own 3D creations, animate them with code, and explore them in virtual or augmented reality.

What skills can students develop with CoSpaces Edu?

Creating with CoSpaces Edu helps develop 21st-century learning skills, digital literacy, creativity, and collaboration.

How can CoSpaces Edu be accessed?

CoSpaces Edu can be accessed through the web app on a computer or tablet for building in 3D. It can also be accessed through the mobile app with a smartphone or tablet to explore creations in VR or AR.
I was one of the kids from Mother Teresa and I love it also can go to your school how to code
Bill Schmitt
For some reason the app doesn't let me use it for some reason it only lets me use the gallery but it is still good😡☺
pupi 36 lyonel
Creating with this platform has been awesome. Using the website to create and then exploring here in the app has been a great chance to show young people some great ideas.
Andrew McDonald
Jeslyn gaming and songs
Awesome experience, CoSpaces Edu is one of the amazing website that I adore it ❤
Mona Hosny Abdellatif
Eman Yousif