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About Night Sky Star Finder

Name a star for someone and find it in the night sky with an interactive Star Finder.

Star Finder by allows locating registered stars by registry numbers with the help of various spectacular night sky views. The application understands your current location and will provide you with a personalized night sky view of your area. Find the star you named or enjoy your area's personalized night sky view.

- Enter your registration number and locate your star right away
- The app reads your current location and local time for a personalized sky view
- With just a click, share it with your friends and family

- Sky objects near the star you named
- Constellations and stars visible tonight in your area
- All the constellation shapes with a beautiful artwork

- Landscape mode allows seeing the exact view above the horizon
- Atmosphere mode lets you see exact light pollution in your area
- Equatorial and Azimuthal grids to supplement your sky view

I found this off my teacher and I'm obbsesed it's so good and aesthetic
Macheme Sanoh