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About Unistellar

The Unistellar eVscope : Finally, you will see. Download the Unistellar app to enjoy your Unistellar eVscope, the first light-amplified user-friendly digital telescope.

Explore the night sky : Choose an object (galaxies, nebulae, star and more) on the app and observe it, live. The Unistellar eVscope does all the pointing and tracking autonomously. Through the app, you can also set up your sky observation window.

Enjoy Enhanced vision : Observe galaxies, nebulae and comets live in unparalleled crisp and colorful details even from urban areas. Discover outer space like you have never seen it before.

Become a citizen astronomer : In partnership with the SETI Institute, join the first global network of citizen astronomers, observing and contributing to scientific discoveries, from asteroid occultations to exoplanet transits and planetary defense.

This app empowers the Unistellar telescope which is amazing. The auto alignment is almost magical and the views are incredible. My 20" scope is not able to show what this 4.5" scope gives me, it's incredible...
Jesse B
Excellent app works well and I'm sure it'll do nothing but get better
Mark Wampole
The app is for the #eVscope telescope and works great! The screen view is just like the scope view. Looking forward to maybe being able to adjust exposure and gain in enhanced mode in the future. Right now y...