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About Star Roam - Track Planet & Constellation, Sky Map

In Star Roam, you don't have to be an astronomer to view the stars overhead.

Outside or on the balcony, evenings with family and friends are no longer boring. Just point your phone to the night sky, and in just a few seconds, you'll be able to identify stars, constellations, planets, nebulae, satellites and other deep space objects in real time! You can see the stars moving in real time sky view and all the astronomy details about it. It becomes easy and fun to recognize the stars. You can even choose to observe stars at any time and location, like this time last year or tomorrow night, as if you were in a time machine.
Star Roam will be the best star app and sky guide to help you start your star journey, even without astronomy knowledge.


🌕All stars in the sky view:
We combine all the known stars of over 1.69 billion, with all the known planets, natural moons, and comets, with many other 10,000 smaller solar system asteroids, and more than 2 million nebulae and galaxies.You can see the astronomy details of each star.

⏱Time travel in sky view:
You can choose any time and location, such as the early morning at the North Pole, and look at the night sky at different times and places. Or move forward or backward in the current time, adjust the speed, and view a fast-moving map of the night sky of stars and planets.

☄️Automatic tracking your sky view:
In auto-tracking mode, we use the phone's gyroscope sensor to help you show the night sky towards which your phone is pointing in real time, and quickly find the stars you want to know about. In addition, star gazing can help you track the movement of a star in the sky view and follow them as star walk in the night sky.

🌎Real observation experience:
You can choose different geographical environments, we will simulate the surface and atmosphere with the reality of sunrise, sunset and atmospheric refraction, etc., for a better look and feel with sky view.

🗿Multi-cultural Constellation Knowledge:
We have collected some of the world's most common star culture, such as Western, Arabic, Boorong, Chinese, Indian, Kamilaroi, Macedonian, Ojibwe, Romanian... And show their contours and lines in the sky view as you can see them.

✈️Use offline without waiting:
You can use the sky guide when there is no Internet, such as outdoors, wild, hiking. Whenever and wherever you go to look at the star walk in the night sky

Instead of meeting your family and friends, enjoy looking at the night sky! Star Roam will sky guide you through the mysteries of the universe.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Star Roam?

Star Roam is an app that allows you to view and identify stars, constellations, planets, and other celestial objects in real time.

Do I need to be an astronomer to use Star Roam?

No, you don't need to be an astronomer. Star Roam is designed for everyone to enjoy and explore the night sky.

What features does Star Roam offer?

Star Roam offers features such as viewing all known stars, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, nebulae, and galaxies. It also allows you to time travel in the sky view, automatically track your sky view, experience real observations, and learn about multi-cultural constellations.

Can I choose different times and locations to view the night sky?

Yes, with Star Roam, you can choose any time and location to view the night sky. You can even simulate different geographical environments and adjust the speed of the sky view.

Can I use Star Roam offline?

Yes, you can use Star Roam offline. This means you can enjoy the sky guide even in places without internet access, such as outdoors or while hiking.

Is Star Roam available in multiple languages?

Yes, Star Roam is available in multiple languages. It supports various star cultures including Western, Arabic, Boorong, Chinese, Indian, Kamilaroi, Macedonian, Ojibwe, Romanian, and more.

Can I track the movement of specific stars using Star Roam?

Yes, Star Roam allows you to track the movement of stars in the sky view. You can follow them as they walk across the night sky.

Can I use Star Roam on my phone?

Yes, Star Roam is a mobile app that can be used on smartphones. Just point your phone to the night sky and start exploring the stars.

Is Star Roam suitable for stargazing with family and friends?

Yes, Star Roam is a great tool for stargazing with family and friends. It can make evenings outside or on the balcony more enjoyable by identifying stars and constellations together.

Does Star Roam require any astronomy knowledge?

No, Star Roam is designed to be user-friendly and does not require any astronomy knowledge. It is suitable for both beginners and enthusiasts of all ages.
Interesting I don't like that I need a membership to see features.
Issac Maltz יצחק מלץ
Very very good and accuracy
very wow
Francis Bellitti
it us good to use
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Great App.
it educational for me
Savannah Edwards