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About SkySafari 7 Pro

SkySafari makes stargazing a simple pleasure. It has the largest database of any astronomy app, includes every solar system object ever discovered, offers unparalleled accuracy, advanced planning and logging tools, flawless telescope control, and provides the very best experience under the stars when you depend on it. Don’t postpone joy. Discover why SkySafari is the #1 recommended astronomy app for serious amateur astronomers since 2009.

Here's what’s new in version 7:

+ Complete support for Android 10 and up. Version 7 brings a new and immersive stargazing experience.

+ Events Finder - go to the new Events section to unlock a powerful search engine that finds astronomical events visible tonight and far into the future. The finder dynamically generates a listing of moon phases, eclipses, planetary moon events, meteor showers and planetary phenomenon such as conjunctions, elongations and oppositions.

+ Notifications - the notifications section has been completely revamped to allow you to customize and manage which events trigger an alert notification on your device.

+ Telescope Support - telescope control is at the heart of SkySafari. Version 7 takes a giant leap forward by supporting ASCOM Alpaca and INDI. These next generation control protocols allow you to effortlessly connect to hundreds of compatible astronomical devices.

Stargazing is often done on your own but looking up at the stars reminds us that we are all part of a larger interconnected universe. SkySafari 7 brings social stargazing to mobile devices with two new features to help you connect with other like minded people.

OneSky - allows you to see what other users are observing, in real time. This feature highlights objects in the sky chart and indicates with a number how many users are observing a particular object.

SkyCast - allows you to guide a friend or group around the night sky through their own copy of SkySafari. After initiating SkyCast, you can generate a link and conveniently share it with other SkySafari users via text message, apps or social media accounts.

+ Sky Tonight - jump to the new Tonight section to see what’s visible in your sky tonight. Expanded information has been designed to help plan your night and includes Moon & Sun info, calendar curations, events and the best positioned deep sky and solar system objects.

+ Improved Observation Tools - SkySafari is the perfect tool to help you plan, record and organize your observations. New workflows make it easier to add, search, filter and sort data.

The Small Touches:

+ You can now edit the Jupiter GRS Longitude Value in the Settings.
+ Better Moon Age calculation.
+ New grid & reference options allow you to display Solstice and Equinox markers, Orbit + Node markers for all solar system objects, and tick marks and labels for the Ecliptic, Meridian, and Equator reference lines.
+ Previous In-app Purchases are Now Free - this includes the H-R diagram, 3D Galaxy view, and the PGC galaxy and GAIA star catalogs. Enjoy.
+ Many more.

If you haven't used SkySafari 7 Pro before, here's what you can do with it:

+ Hold your device up, and SkySafari 7 Pro will find stars, constellations, planets, and more! The star chart updates automatically with your movements for the ultimate stargazing experience.

+ Simulate the night sky up to 100,000 years in the past or future! Animate meteor showers, conjunctions, eclipses, and other celestial events.

+ Control your telescope, log and plan your observations.

+ Optionally backup all of your observing data in our secure cloud storage and make it easily accessible to multiple devices as well as from our new web interface,

+ Night Mode turns the screen red to preserve your eye's ability to see faint objects.

+ Orbit Mode. Leave the Earth’s surface behind, and fly through our solar system.

+ Galaxy View shows the position of deep sky objects in our Milky Way!

+ Much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is SkySafari 7 Pro?

SkySafari 7 Pro is an astronomy app with the largest database, accurate information, advanced planning tools, telescope control, and an immersive stargazing experience.

What are the new features in version 7?

The new features in version 7 include complete support for Android 10 and up, Events Finder to search for astronomical events, revamped notifications section, telescope support for ASCOM Alpaca and INDI, OneSky to see what other users are observing, and SkyCast to guide friends or groups.

What can I find in the Tonight section?

In the Tonight section, you can see what celestial objects are visible in your sky tonight, including Moon & Sun info, calendar curations, events, and the best positioned deep sky and solar system objects.

How can SkySafari help with observations?

SkySafari is a perfect tool for planning, recording, and organizing your observations. It offers improved observation tools with easier workflows for adding, searching, filtering, and sorting data.

Are there any additional features in SkySafari 7 Pro?

Yes, there are additional features such as the ability to edit the Jupiter GRS Longitude Value, improved Moon Age calculation, new grid & reference options, previously paid in-app purchases now being free, and many more.

What can I do with SkySafari 7 Pro?

With SkySafari 7 Pro, you can hold up your device to find stars, constellations, planets, and more. You can simulate the night sky in the past or future, control your telescope, log and plan your observations, backup data in secure cloud storage, use Night Mode for preserving night vision, explore Orbit Mode to fly through the solar system, view deep sky objects in Galaxy View, and much more.
Excellent aid for a beginner
Raymond Deacon
This is very good software. A bit quirky -- the star and DSO magnitude settings can change on their own. That is, as you reset one the other changes. This means lots of fiddling during setup. Also sometimes ...
David Silburt
Buy now! This app has no issues that I can see now. No notification issues or linking issues. This latest release is full of nice surprises and very polished. What great software and very quick and responsiv...
Chris Mobley
I've been using SkySafari for years and years and it is the best Astronomy App on the market. This version is the best yet.
Mike White
Terrific app, either as a stand alone or to control a scope. Kudos to the developers for quickly responding to the notification glitch when this was first released. However, the update to has not sto...
David Glasser
Excellent app. It goes great with my Celestron. Love it!
Noel Romero