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About TrainAsONE - The AI Running App

TrainAsONE is the revolutionary multi-award-winning AI-powered running app that constantly adjusts your training plan according to you, your data and your goals. Running a dozen races this year? No problem, TrainAsONE can cater for multiple concurrent goals!

● From beginner to elite
● From couch to the most extreme ultra
● Works with major sports watches and apps, e.g. Garmin, Strava
● Maximise performance and reduce injury
● Most advanced AI
● Free and paid options

Whatever your running experience, TrainAsONE creates a custom plan based precisely on you and your ability. Whatever the distance and target, be it completing your first 5k or podiuming an extreme ultra, TrainAsONE will work for you!

TrainAsONE has partnered with the best of the global sports watch and running app producers. Simply link your TrainAsONE account to them and enjoy the benefits of all your platforms.

Your plan is built specifically for you and your goals ensuring every workout will promote the most efficient and effective improvement in performance. You’ll never have to worry about overtraining, junk miles, or how to taper ever again! Nearly 70% of our marathon runners beat the global average finishing time - and that is on less total training and shorter longest run! Always dreamed of being on the podium? Hundreds of our users have done just that!

Around 70% of runners suffer an injury every year. And a study of runners recruited from UK Parkuns demonstrated that half had an active injury! Our plans work specifically to minimise your risk of injury whilst maximising your performance gains. TrainAsONE will get you to the start line in the best shape possible, safely!

Life can be busy and unpredictable. Just tell TrainAsONE when and how long you can train, safe in the knowledge that TrainAsONE automatically adjusts for any missed or off-plan workouts. Had a cold, and don’t know how to return to your training? TrainAsONE does!

Anyone can train with our advanced AI running plans for free! All new users receive a 21 day no obligation free trial of all our features. At 21 days you can keep all the features with a small subscription, or decide to continue to train for free, but with less of our convenience or advanced features. All subscriptions are recurring, but have no contract term so you can cancel at any time.

Not all AI is created equally! Unlike other 'so called' AI running apps that use simple rules based on myth, anecdotal evidence and golden rules of training to generate your plan, TrainAsONE uses cutting-edge Machine Learning to continually learn for itself from our ever-growing database of millions of kilometers of training. It's the best, and is only getting better every day. That's why our plans can sometimes be a little atypical - but they get results! Did we mention that it evens looks at the weather forecast and adjusts your plan accordingly...

Our workouts are not complicated, but like having a real human coach by your side TrainAsONE can talk you through your runs. Simply put your phone in your pocket and just do as you're told - no need to memorise and think what you are meant to be doing!



TrainAsONE offers two different auto-renewing subscription options providing advanced analysis and plan configuration:

● Monthly Subscription: £9.99 per month
● Yearly Subscription: £99.99 per year

These prices are for United Kingdom customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

You can read more about our Privacy Policy here:

You can read more about our Terms of Use:

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