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About Airport BillionAir

Welcome aboard Pilot, let’s kick the tires and light the fires of your Airport empire today!

You’ve just graduated from Pilot academy and are assigned your very first airport to manage… which happens to be a giant dump. Seriously, this place is one pothole away from a lawsuit!
You and your crew must take on the mission to restore this airport and transform it into the most lucrative business on Earth! You will receive missions to rebuild your terminal by constructing brand new businesses, building your fleet of aircraft, recruiting staff, and piling up profit to restore other airports around the world!

Are you ready for take off? From there, you can become an Airport BillionAir!

Assemble your fleet of aircraft, with dozens available from scrappy Bi-Planes to monstrous Jumbos!

Expand your airport by opening new facilities such as Vending Machines, Coffee Bars or Souvenir Shops. It is not only about tapping, be smart and use strategy to pile up even more money and improve your airport!

Automate your airport to generate even more cash with freshly hired Staff. Collect and level up quirky workers for your airport including Pilots, Services, Flight Crew and more!

People are travelling day and night, but don’t worry, your staff will take care of the airport and generate profit while you are away!

Build crazy new airports in vibrant locations with our exclusive limited time events, coming soon!

Join a community of well-heeled and seasoned pilots, and unlock more airports from regional, to international and even space to build a high-flying empire together!

*** Become the richest idle pilot on earth with Airport BillionAir! ***

Disclaimer: an internet connection is required to play the game. Airport BillionAir is free to play but there are optional in-game items that can be purchased for real money.
Pilot, we are ready to help you at any time with problems or questions. We also love receiving suggestions and feedback from you, so feel free to send a message to [email protected].

We are looking to hiring plenty of new pilots for our social channels, feel free to:
--- Like us on Facebook:
--- Visit our website:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Airport BillionAir about?

Airport BillionAir is a game where players manage and restore an airport, build businesses, assemble aircraft, and generate profit to become the richest idle pilot on Earth.

How can I assemble my aircraft in Airport BillionAir?

In Airport BillionAir, you can assemble your fleet of aircraft by acquiring different types of planes, ranging from scrappy Bi-Planes to monstrous Jumbos.

What facilities can I open in my airport?

You can expand your airport by opening new facilities such as Vending Machines, Coffee Bars, or Souvenir Shops to generate more money and improve your airport.

Can I automate my airport in Airport BillionAir?

Yes, you can automate your airport by hiring staff members who will generate even more cash for you while you are away.

Can I build new airports in Airport BillionAir?

Yes, you can build crazy new airports in vibrant locations through exclusive limited-time events offered in the game.

How can I join a flight alliance in Airport BillionAir?

You can join a community of pilots by joining a flight alliance, which will allow you to unlock more airports and build a high-flying empire together.

Are there any in-game purchases in Airport BillionAir?

Yes, Airport BillionAir is free to play, but there are optional in-game items available for purchase with real money.

How can I contact support for Airport BillionAir?

If you have any problems, questions, suggestions, or feedback, you can send a message to [email protected].
It us very fun but you can't be a dog? Can you please add it since you can be a cat. That was my only complaint but great game otherwise:)
thecool husky20
Good game
lee baker
Great game
Griffin Gassner
antonio sanborn
Cheerful colours and graphics. Fun and addictive. There is always something to do and unlike a lot of other games you dont need to buy things to get ahead in the game. My favourite part is when the suitcases...
Gloria Lancione
Very fun and challenging game . Must say it's cool to see everything change as you build and upgrade your airport. Awesome game guys I'd give more stars but 5 is the maximum Keep up to amazing work on this i...
Tomb Stone