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Idle Island - City Building Idle Tycoon (AR Mode) Screenshot 1
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About Idle Island - City Building Idle Tycoon (AR Mode)

Build a city on your private island! Grow your business, earn cash, expand your empire and become a business tycoon. Play our city building game Idle Tycoon Game.

Welcome to idle construction tycoon game of time management, money-making and create an empire, to raise your business and collect the greatest landmark buildings! In idle construction tycoon business, you build your own construction corporation. Become a landmark construction tycoon and expand your inventory to build a new building in town that takes maximum profits for you.

Idle Island - City Building Tycoon stands out from other city building games with idle tycoon approach to gameplay. You can build houses, stores, expand your territory, buy cars and invite citizens - the fate of your town is in your hands, Mayor.

Become a city builder tycoon by managing your city building company. Expand your business, build empire, take on the challenge, discover the best strategy and earn as much cash as possible!

Build houses, stores, bank, factories, and much more! Boost your population. Build a house for your citizens, build factories to increase your income, construct various towns on your private island. Use the best strategy to grow your city building company!

Experience your city in AR. The game is fully playable in the real world on devices that support ARCore*!

Play our city construction building idle tycoon game. Become an idle builder tycoon by managing your town building firm. Expand your corporate, build an empire, and earn as much cash as possible y just idle clicker game!

Build your business, earn more cash and expand your trade updating and unlock new features then build your empire of gold! Be ready to become rich, get tons of gold and money. In this construction tycoon, idle, tap tap and clicker game; you will have to improve money management skills and become the richest business tycoon. Get ready to create, upgrade and mechanize the most profitable town of all time in the best idle game.

- Easy to play
- Build beautiful towns
- AR mode (augmented reality) - AR Game
- Intuitive gameplay with challenging quests, rewards and achievements
- Idle mechanics
- Get idle cash, even when you are offline
- Prestige feature
- Manage up to 10 cities
- No internet connection needed, no WiFi needed.

Grow your construction empire, manage your company, grow yourself from an ordinary businessman to a giant real state tycoon. Become the best business tycoon.

Do you want to build a city, on your private island? What you are waiting for? Download Idle Island - City Building Tycoon now!

*For AR mode to work, make sure you have ARCore by Google app installed.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Idle Island - City Building Tycoon?

Idle Island - City Building Tycoon is a city building game where players can build and manage their own city on a private island.

What is the objective of the game?

The objective of the game is to grow your business, earn cash, expand your empire, and become a business tycoon by building and managing various buildings and attracting citizens to your town.

How can I expand my city?

You can expand your city by building houses, stores, banks, factories, and more. Increasing your population and income is key to growing your city building company.

Can I play the game in augmented reality?

Yes, you can experience the game in augmented reality (AR) mode if your device supports ARCore. This allows you to see and interact with your city in the real world.

Can I earn cash even when I am offline?

Yes, the game has idle mechanics that allow you to earn idle cash even when you are not actively playing the game.

How many cities can I manage in the game?

You can manage up to 10 cities in the game, allowing you to expand your construction empire and become a giant real estate tycoon.

Is an internet connection required to play the game?

No, the game does not require an internet connection or WiFi to play. You can enjoy the game even while offline.

How do I unlock new features and upgrades?

You can unlock new features and upgrades by earning more cash, upgrading your buildings, and progressing in the game. Continuously improving and expanding your town will help you unlock new opportunities.

What is the Prestige feature?

The Prestige feature allows you to restart the game with certain bonuses and benefits once you have reached a certain level of progress. It adds a new level of challenge and rewards to the gameplay.

How can I become the best business tycoon in the game?

To become the best business tycoon, you need to effectively manage your city building company, optimize your money management skills, and strive to become the richest business tycoon in the game.
aggrakat PcGamer
this game is so beautiful
Dedy Sugiarto
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IT'S YHE BEST GAME EVER! I don't know how to even live without it. Can't wait for a update­čśâ
Phamtom Foxy Revamped
Thank you for the game
Diana Brobey
super wow and super games
Dheanzey Bacalso