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About Idle Lemonade Company - Lemon Empire Clicker


Idle Lemonade Company (ILC) allows you to simulate your own lemonade business and to get incredibly rich - if you are smart enough. Challenge accepted?

Grow lemons, set up a water production and blend the best and most-refreshing lemonade you have ever seen! Find the best management strategy to earn and invest money in this farm and factory simulator.


In this Idle Lemonade Simulator you start with only one lemon farm, hire workers and let them harvest your lemons. Transport and carry the lemons from the farm to your lemonade factory. Together with crystal clear water the lemons are processed to tasty and refreshing lemonade according to your top-secret recipe. The core of your factory is the clickable blender. The simulation of the production processes, including mixing, bottle-filling, loading and shipping, is very detailed and appealing and can be triggered by clicking.


As your idle lemonade empire grows make sure to keep the right balance of lemons and water. Reinvest your earnings wisely and upgrade existing farms or buy new fertile land with lemon trees. Don’t forget to take care of your water supply, build additional pumps and regard your transport and factory capacity. Find and optimize your own strategy to increase your idle money and work hard to success!


To automate the lemon harvest and the factory and avoid mindless clicking, hire managers of different ranks and use their special boost functions to raise your profits. For example, managers can increase the harvest speed, load capacity, the batch size as well as discount the upgrade prices up to 90%. Some of the managers can even simulate multiple boosts at once. Besides, managers allow you to generate idle income around the clock even if you are not in the game. Wake up in the morning and collect the idle cash your workers earned during your sleep.


Most of the lemonade is directly picked up at the factory and sold. However, a smaller proportion based on your idle earnings is served as a refreshment to customers at a nearby beach. Check out and click the lemonade seller for regular rewards !

ILC is a free simulation and strategy game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The simple, challenging, and funny gameplay makes it the perfect idle clicker game for both casual and full-time players.

Idle Lemonade Company - Can you cope with leading a lemonade empire to great success and wealth?


✔️ Grow lemons in up to 30 farms, set up a water supply and blend fresh and juicy lemonade in your factory to get rich.
✔️ Invest your money wisely to strategically grow your business to a huge corporation.
✔️ Upgrade and click your workflows and your factory to improve your idle profit.
✔️ Hire managers to motivate your diligent workers and automate your processes.
✔️ Use special manager boosts to tune your lemonade production and increase your earnings.
✔️ Collect rewards for your achievements and unlock upgrades.
✔️ Balance your lemon and water production as well as your factory in an appealing, challenging, and funny way.
✔️ No WiFi/internet connection required, Idle Lemonade Clicker works both offline and online.
✔️ ILC is an easy-to-play and free idle tapping game.
✔️ Detailed and appealing simulation and animation of production processes.
✔️ Cool and appealing avatars for a maximum of fun.
✔️ Play Idle Lemonade Company in your free time and improve your skills.
✔️ Further worlds with different farms, factories, recipes, juices and smoothies will be coming soon.

Download the free idle clicker game now!

Feel free to contact [email protected]
– we are always happy to get feedback and suggestions from our players!

🔥 Your Idle Lemonade Company Team 🔥

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