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About Hot Spring Tycoon

Are you ready to manage the most luxurious hot spring?
Manage your hot spring, make yourself richer!
Start from downtown hot spring, gradually develop and expand. Increase all kinds of bath services, thus the customers can enjoy bath, shower and massage services to relieve their fatigue of the day.
Manage the reception carefully, because faster cashier speed will bring you more cash flow, and greater revenue.
Do you have the ability to build all the services? Launch promotional activities to attract customers and provide them with the best service. Don’t forget to expand the locker to accommodate more customers!
Make sure that the customers will not wait too long for services, and offer the customers the most comfortable services.
Do you want to become the Hot Spring Tycoon, manage different business and build better service facilities? You can rise the pay to motivate your employees, thus they will have higher work efficiency.
Make important decision, build the best Hot Spring.
If you like simulation games, you can experience Hot Spring Tycoon, which is easier to operate but is still challenging.
Start from a small spring, by making important decisions to expand better, and become the best Hot Spring Tycoon!
- Build different entertainment facilities in your hot spring;
- Manage your hot spring, make important decisions to become the hot spring tycoon;
- Easier operation, fit for all players;
- Wonderful 3D graphics and animation;
- More close to the real life, show the real scene in the hot spring.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Hot Spring Tycoon?

Hot Spring Tycoon is a game where you can manage and develop your own luxurious hot spring.

What is the objective of Hot Spring Tycoon?

The objective of Hot Spring Tycoon is to manage your hot spring business, make important decisions, and become the best Hot Spring Tycoon.

What can I do in Hot Spring Tycoon?

You can build different entertainment facilities in your hot spring, manage your hot spring, and make important decisions to succeed.

Is Hot Spring Tycoon easy to play?

Yes, Hot Spring Tycoon is designed to have easier operation, making it suitable for all players.

What kind of graphics does Hot Spring Tycoon have?

Hot Spring Tycoon has wonderful 3D graphics and animation, making the game more immersive.

Does Hot Spring Tycoon resemble real life hot springs?

Yes, Hot Spring Tycoon aims to show a realistic scene in the hot spring, making the game more lifelike.

Can I motivate my employees in Hot Spring Tycoon?

Yes, in Hot Spring Tycoon, you can rise the pay of your employees to motivate them and increase their work efficiency.

How can I attract more customers in Hot Spring Tycoon?

You can launch promotional activities to attract more customers and provide them with the best service.

What should I focus on when managing my hot spring in Hot Spring Tycoon?

You should focus on managing the reception carefully, increasing cashier speed, and ensuring that customers do not wait too long for services.

Can I expand my hot spring business in Hot Spring Tycoon?

Yes, you can expand your hot spring by making important decisions and building better service facilities.
Him Him
Good game. Just wish it was a little easier to get money.
Catie Carbaugh
John Thomas